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Schwalbe 16 inch Inner tube

16 / 18 inch inner tube with Schrader / car type valve, made by Schwalbe

Suitable for all Brompton folding bike tyres and our most popular Brompton tube.

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This Schwalbe 16/18 inch tube is actually our most popular inner tube. It is exactly the same tube as the Brompton XL tube with the addition of a rim nut (see below for more info about rim nuts) and a box.

This inner tube weighs in at just 85g with a Schrader / car type valve - that is a whopping 20g (almost 25%) lighter than the Brompton standard inner tube.

Why choose this inner tube over other tubes available out there?

As Gerorge Orwell didn't say "All tubes are equal, but some are more equal than others"

Schwalbe leak test all of the tubes they make (twice), including inflation for 24 hours to ensure they maintain their air pressure.

Because the inner tube has better retention of air, it means you have to spend less time inflating and more time for you, whether it's riding, in bed before work or at the office.

You should still check the tyre pressure monthly (for most tubes it's weekly). Running a tyre under inflated will mean that you need to put more effort into cycling and can result in damage to the tube / tyre or even the rim.

The AV4 inner tube fits ETRTO / ISO tyre sizes as shown below:
37-340 - 16 x 1 3/8" and 400 x 35A
28-349 - 16 x 1 1/8"
37-349 - 16 x 1 3/8"
28-355 - 18 x 1 1/8"
35-355 - 18 x 1.35"
35-349 - 16 x 1.35" 
(The ETRTO size is the most accurate way of selecting the correct inner tube and can be found on the side of the tyre) 

Q: So - What is the purpose of a rim nut?

A: The rim nut fixes the valve into the rim. Some regard it as unnecessary. Indeed, a bicycle can be ridden perfectly safely without a rim nut. It is however helpful when attaching the pump connector, as particularly when the pressure is low the valve may fall inside the rim. With some rims there may be a rattle if the valve is not fixed.

The rim nut must only be tightened by hand. Never tighten the rim nut with pliers, as this can lead to inner tube damage. 

Q: What is the valve cap for?

The clear valve cap supplied with the Schwalbe inner tubes should be used, especially with Schrader / car type valves. It prevents dirt / water and chemicals from getting inside the valve and causing corrosion and damage - meaning the valve / tube will last longer.

This Inner tube is compatible with the following tyres:
Brompton Kojak 32-349 / 16 x 1 1/4 inch folding tyre with reflective sidewall
Schwalbe Kojak 32-349 / 16 x 1 1/4 inch wired tyre
Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35 tyre
Schwalbe Marathon plus 16 x 1.35 tyre
Schwalbe Winter 16 x 1.2 studded tyre
Brompton Green / Kevlar tyre 

Bicycle compatiblity includes:
Brompton folding bikes
Dahon curve 16" folding bike
Mezzo D10 16" folding bike
and many more - in fact send us a message if you know one we are missing!

Fitting of the tyre / inner tube: We recommend against using tyre levers when installing a tyre and tube, as it can cause damage to the tyre / inner tube or both. It may seem difficult or even impossible at first - but its just technique, practice and patience.

This technical video on YouTube from Brompton shows how to fit the tyre with no tyre levers

Made in: Indonesia
Valve type: Schrader / Auto / Moto / Car 8mm diameter with rim nut and valve cap 
Schwalbe code: AV4 

Review(s) for Schwalbe 16 inch Inner tube

Reviewed by: Hugh Jass

Review Title: This is the right sized tube for a Brompton

at a good price and delivery is quick.

    Reviewed by: S beagley

    Review Title: Two inner tubes

    Arrived very fast and price was great,it's just the package arrived torn or split open at one end ,I just hope the inner tubes have not been damaged,maybe you need stronger packaging material but over all very good , thank you ..

      Reviewed by: Richard M

      Review Title: What can say

      Its all be said

        Reviewed by: James C

        Review Title: Great price, great information and great delivery

        Got my first puncture on my Brompton and thought I should get a spare inner tube. BB has all the information I needed to make sure I was getting the right tube - plus they had it an unbeatable price. Ordered at 1pm on a Friday and it arrived... the next day! Amazing. Will be buying all my Brompton spares from here from now on.

          Reviewed by: Philip134

          Review Title: Top value!!

          Good price and more importantly prompt despatch.

            Reviewed by: Nobby Cyclist

            Review Title: Spare inner tube for a Brompton.

            I bought this so as to be able to carry a spare inner tube when I rode my Brompton. Fortunately as yet I have not had to use it for that purpose. This item was delivered quickly, came with packaging intact and ws god vale for such aspeicalised item.

              Reviewed by: David Tovee

              Review Title: Good inner tube

              I uses these inner tubes on my brompton and they work fine. I always buy from Brilliant Bikes as they deliver fast and have been nice to deal with.

                Reviewed by: Richard V

                Review Title: The only inner tube for the Brompton

                Excellent quality valve assembly. Feel reassured to have these on my bike.

                  Reviewed by: Simon

                  Review Title: It is round, holds air and arrived promptly

                  As always bb has it in stock and is delivered promptly! Tried to use a local dealer to work and the did not have the tyre so I got it from bb

                    Reviewed by: Shop S

                    Review Title: Brompton inner tube

                    Delivered quickly and Brompton back on the road

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                      Write your own review

                      Schwalbe 16 inch Inner tube

                      Schwalbe 16 inch Inner tube

                      16 / 18 inch inner tube with Schrader / car type valve, made by Schwalbe

                      Suitable for all Brompton folding bike tyres and our most popular Brompton tube.

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