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Brompton / Busch and Muller Lyt front dynamo lamp kit - LED



Brompton / Bush and Müller Lyt Plus 25 lumen front dynamo light kit

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Brompton LED B+M Lyt 25 dynamo front light kit

The front light, mounting bracket and the cable / connector which comes with the Shimano hub-dynamo, and rear wiring loom included

The light comes with a cable (wiring loom) and SP connector block - which connects easily to the SP or Shimano hub dynamo front wheel - however, if you would prefer to have spade connectors instead of a SP/Shimano one (to connect to a SON dynamo for example) - then just let us know and we'll make sure you have the right connector

The light does come with a mounting bracket - Brompton use a special one which curves between the (optional) front carrier block and the front brake caliper

For fitting instructions - please see page 3 of the attached hub dynamo instruction manual

About the Busch and Müller Lyt plus front light

The B+M Lyt N Plus is a lightweight, bright, robust little light that is (as you would expect) very reliable
(The "Plus" has the addition of the stand light function over the standard version)

It has a stand light function - so it stays on for a short while (at a slightly dimmer brightness) after you stop. So that when you stop at lights (for example) you are not left unlit

The light comes with a cable wired into the main body of the light and a Shimano hub dynamo tab connector at the other end for connecting to the wheel (the connector must be removed before removing the wheel)

There is an on-off switch - though personally as there are no batteries / recharging to worry about, we prefer to keep the light switched on at all times - so it acts as a daytime running light

Note: We can set this up with Shimano / SP or SON connector types - please let us know what you would like as a comment on your order

The light combines modern LED lens technology creating a good field of light with light at close range and precise light/dark boundary offering 25 Lux output. It has an integrated front reflector and good lateral light emissions

It is best suited for urban cycling but can also be used on on unlit roads / cycle paths for all but the fastest night riders.  

The light has a built in reflector around the edge of the lens - reflecting back even more light from cars etc

Light At Close Range:

For a safer ride it is important to be able to see the road directly in front of the bicycle.

Bumps or potholes in the road can be seen better if this area is lit and can be circumnavigated by short and intuitive steering. During darkness this is only possible if the area between one and four metres in front of the bicycle is brightly lit.

It is thought that the need for light at close range is higher the slower you is riding, because your balance can be influenced easier by obstacles. With "light at close range" means that the light field emitted by the B+M headlights starts just one metre in front of the bicycle.

IQ Technology: The Light Revolution: 

Designed by B+M, the core of IQ-TEC is the revolutionary idea to use a high output LED as an indirect light source.

The complete reflective surface is used to focus and guide the light - think the death star in Star Wars - focussing it's beam by reflecting inwards first.

If you looks into the reflector of an IQ headlight you only see the metalic surface.

Once the headlight is turned on what takes its place is "nothing but light" with superb efficiency and barely any wasted stray light. 

​B+M Lyt Plus Key Features:

  • 25 Lux output
  • Light at close range
  • With stand light
  • Front reflector
  • On off switch
  • Easy connection to wiring using spade type connectors

For use with hub dynamos only

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100272
Brompton Q part code: QVDYNFLAMLEDKIT-SV8
Brompton part number: 9019212
Old Brompton Q part code: QVDYNFLAMLED-SHMNO - pre-2019 - when it was supplied as a part for the Shimano hub dynamo
Old Brompton part number: 9014163

Made in Germany (light)

The below video shows how the light connects to the Brompton Shimano Hub Dynamo
Note: It is compatible with other systems - depending upon the connections . on the dynamo hub end of the cable 

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