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Busch + Muller Toplight View Brake Plus rear dynamo light


Busch + Muller

Busch + Muller Toplight View Brake Plus rear dynamo light

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Expected approx June 2021!


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Light typeRear light / reflector / brake

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Busch + Muller Toplight View Brake Plus rear dynamo light

A quality rear dynamo light from Busch and Muller which fits the 50mm rear Brompton mount - suitable for both rack or no-rack versions

A bike light that also functions as a brake light?

The light has a deceleration sensor built in (using the output from the hub dynamo wheel) - so the light will pulsate brightly when you brake  - waking up traffic / drivers behind you!

Note: The brake function works when the following happens:

  • The dynamo light system is turned on
  • at speeds over 8 km/h / 5 mph
  • you have been cycling for more than 1 minute

Easy to install - add a brake light to your bike by just replacing your existing dynamo rear light wit this one!

What is BrakeTec - the official version?

Dynamo rear lights such as this one with the BrakeTec function must be connected to Dynamo powered front lights. The BrakeTec Rear lights analyse a signal given off from the headlight and if speed drops significantly, a chip in the rear light will detect this and cause the rear light to light brighter in pulses. 

Equipped with LineTec optics that carry light from two bright LED's through light guides right up to the edge of the housing. It has a high degree of all round visibility. The dual lines of light visible from the rear offer other traffic participants more perspective, allowing them to judge your position better. That makes you safer.

What is LineTec?

When a rear light shines only as a single point of light, otherroad users approaching you and your bike from behind can't estimate the distance adequately.  

This changes when the rear light becomes a wide light strip as on this light: Now the distance can be judged more accurately. How? because the light strip emits a "spatial light" in the 'spaceless' dark.  This special technology that creates a light strip from one high output LED is called LineTec.

Key Features:

  • LineTec
  • BrakeTec - brake light functionality
  • Standlight - remains on when you stop
  • Approved by German road traffic regulations
  • Carrier assembly
  • LED Rear Light 
  • Integrated Z Reflector
  • Rack Mounting / Bracket - 50/80 mm vario fitting
  • Weighs just 50g
  • Good side visibility - up to 320 degrees

How to change from 50 to 80mm fitting?

When the light is not on the bike, the two bolts (to which the serrated washers / nuts attach) can be pushed towards the light, allowing you to move them between the two positions

You can see this in the photo of the back of the light

What type of fitting is used to connect the dynamo wiring?

The Busch and Muller Toplight View Brake plus light has a neat connector on the bottom of the light - you can see it in our picture showing the bottom of the light in the packet and the picture of the back of the light

Connection can be made by sliding down the connector using your thumb, inserting the two wires and closing the connector to lock the wires into place


If your wiring has space type connectors, you can attach these to the bottom of the connector on the light

Tools required?

Apart from connecting the dynamo wiring, you will have to fit the light to a bracket - as previously stated this can be 50mm or 80mm spaced brackets - then an 8mm spanner is required to do up the nuts to secure the light in place

Made in: Germany


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Busch + Muller Toplight View Brake Plus rear dynamo light

Busch + Muller Toplight View Brake Plus rear dynamo light

Busch + Muller Toplight View Brake Plus rear dynamo light

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