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Brompton SP SV-8 hub dynamo kit - including front Brompton wheel



Brompton SP SV8 hub dynamo kit - complete kit with replacement 16 inch front wheel with integrated hub dynamo

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Brompton SP SV8 Hub Dynamo Kit

New from Brompton for December 2018 - this official Brompton kit comprises the SP (Shutter Products) SV-8 hub dynamo front wheel, front and rear light, cables, front mounting bracket and instructions

The wheel rim / hub is silver

The SP SV8 is a small, lightweight dynamo hub - it is built into the Brompton front wheel to provide the power for front and rear lights with little increase to weight or rolling resistance over the normal Brompton front wheel

Brompton introduced this dynamo set in 2018 to replace the Shimano and SON hub dynamo systems, it comprises a 16 inch Brompton / SP SV-8 hub dynamo 16 inch front wheel and everything you need for the complete dynamo system

What is in the kit / set?

Lights and connectors

The front light is a B+M (Busch and Müller) Lyt BN Plus- producing approx 25 lumens of power

On / off control is via a switch on the back of the front lamp

The light has an integral cable for connecting to the hub dynamo on the front wheel

The rear light is a Spanninga Solo single LED light with built in reflector

It has a stand light function - so it remains on for approx 4 minutes after stopping (useful at traffic lights so you are not left in the dark!)

The light is held in place with two self tapping screws (included) - the screws should be fitted to the two more central holes (the 50mm spacing) on the back of the light and mounted on the existing light / reflector bracket

A wiring loom is included for connecting the front light to the rear light

The "Electronic Safe Stop" - meaning stand light shown in the picture is a peel off sticker

Wheel / hub / rim tape

Wheel: Brompton 16 inch radially laced wheel

Wheel: SP (Shutter Precision) SV-8

Rim tape: Yellow


Front light fixing (replaces the existing reflector if one is fitted)

Axle fittings for front wheel

Zip / cable ties for securing the wiring

Another Note: Full fitting instructions are provided

Brompton Q part code: QVHDYNSET-SV8
Brompton part number: 9020430 

Don't want / need the complete set - if for example you want to choose alternate lights?
Since February 2019 the SP SV-8 Brompton hub dynamo wheel is available as a wheel only (in black or silver)

We made this video on the Brompton SP SV-8 hub dynamo system, what's included and how to fit it


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Brompton SP SV-8 hub dynamo kit - including front Brompton wheel

Brompton SP SV-8 hub dynamo kit - including front Brompton wheel

Brompton SP SV8 hub dynamo kit - complete kit with replacement 16 inch front wheel with integrated hub dynamo

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Dennis
    on 06/12/2018
    Do you have the wheel and spokes in Black? ( I have a 2015 Black / Orange edition ) Answer:
    Hi, Unfortunately not (yet), we have checked with Brompton if they will become available. They say there will be a black one - though not quite sure when.
  • Asked by Dennis
    on 06/12/2018
    Many thanks for the prompt response. I hadn't realised it was official Brompton Kit, I thought it was a package that you had put together yourself. I take it that the SP Dynamo is silver in colour, otherwise I'd be tempted to buy the Kit with some black spokes and rebuild my existing wheel. Perhaps it is something that you could consider offering yourself?Thanks again. Answer:
    Hi, the standard Brompton set (yes - from Brompton not made up by us) is currently silver, Brompton think (we spoke to them) that there will be a black set available soon - though not sure when. The hub itself is available in black on its own (as is the later SV-9 version) you can see them here. the spokes required depend whether it is being laced as radial or single cross - we are working on a list of which spokes would be required for each hub / rim / spoke lacing combination
  • Asked by Dennis
    on 07/12/2018
    Thanks again, Exceptional customer support. I'm really tempted to have a go myself, I'd need a ( Back ) rim, dynohub and the correct length spokes / nipples + rim tape plus the wiring loom / lights which tends to make me think it may be more economical but less fun to buy the complete kit. Although I have an engineering background I don't know enough about bike wheels to know the pros and cons of the different lacing systems etc. Could you put me on a wait list for the black wheel version when it becomes available?Many Thanks,Dennis Answer:
    Hi, thanks for your kind comments - sure - we'll let you know as soon as we know anything more about a black dynamo wheel
  • Asked by Jackie
    on 27/03/2019
    Can the dynamo light be turned off when stationary just after cycling & charging it? I couldn't work out how to do this at train station where lights not allowed on platform... Answer:
    The front light can be turned off - yes, the rear light - we don't think so - we have come across your problem before.
  • Asked by Kevin
    on 30/08/2019
    Hi, how much does the front wheel weigh? What’s the weight difference from the standard brompton front wheel? In comparison to Shmano’s dynamo wheel/hub, how much lighter is this one? Thanks Answer:
    Sorry - we don't have a Shimano hub dynamo wheel - the last one we had was on one of our staff bikes - that was stolen. The standard wheel (with tyre and tube but no tab washers fitted) weighs - on our scales - 0.99kg. The Hub dynamo wheel (with same tyre / tube fitted, no tab washers but with the bolt through axle installed ) weighs 1.19kg - so that makes it 20% or 200g heavier