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Brompton SP / Shimano dynamo hub connector



This connector plugs onto a tab on the Brompton SP / Shimano dynamo front wheel hub allowing you to connect wires for your dynamo lighting system

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Brompton SP / Shimano hub dynamo connector

The Brompton SP / Shimano hub dynamo connector looks like a very small Lego brick, and connects to either the (new for 2019 model) SP - Shutter Products - and the the Shimano hub dynamo. Occasionally they have been known to work loose and fall off - which is why we offer this spare part!

Compatible with both SP and Shimano hub dynamos

It can also be used on a non-Brompton Nexus Shimano hub dynamo if you have lost yours.

It can also be used to connect other (non Brompton) lights to the Brompton Shimano wheel.

Section 3c of the download document shows how it works.

The main picture shows the tab connector open with the two dynamo wires inserted (which wire goes into which side is not important)

Brompton part number: 9019229
Old (pre-2019) Brompton part number: 9014125
Brompton Q part code: QVTAB-HDYN-SV8
Old (pre-2019) Brompton Q part code: QVTAB-HDYN-SHMNO
Even older Brompton part number: QVTABS-DWLOOM

The below video shows how the Brompton Shimano hub dynamo connector works

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  • Asked by Peter
    on 22/05/2019
    Hi, I have a B&M light attached to a cable, but need to buy this connector, plus the protective sleeve which covers the wire. Are you above to supply a length of this protective sleeve or suggest an alternative I could use? Many thanks Answer:
    Thats a good question - we would recommend your local electrical wholesaler - they should have a sleeve that you can slip over, then heat shrink with a hairdryer

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