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  • Bearings


  • Bottom brackets

    Quality bottom brackets from Brompton, Hope, Shimano and SRAM

  • Brakes

    Brakes and brake related equipment (pads / cables / tools)

  • Cables

    Cables are essential for controlling brakes and / or gears on your bike.

  • Chain tools

    Chain related tools. Chain checkers, chain tools for breaking / making chains, chain whips.

  • Chainrings

    Chainrings and complete chainsets

  • Chains

    Bicycle chains and chain accessories / parts from Shimano and SRAM (previously known as Sachs)

  • Derailleurs
  • Derailleur Hangers

    Derailleur Hangers

  • Frames and Forks

    Mountain bike frames from Intense and forks from RockShox (more and forks from Fox will be coming soon)

    Sorry, we no longer sell Brompton frame parts (main frame, handlebar stem, rear frame and forks) online, as Brompton have requested that these are now a dealer fit only item.

  • Headsets

    Bicycle headsets and headset spares

  • Handlebar Stems

    Handlebar Stems

  • Inner Tubes

    Bicycle inner tubes of quality are worth having. 

    Available in three value types:

    • Presta / Racing
    • Schrader / Car / Auto
    • Woods / Dunlop 

    Good quality air tight tubes have to be inflated less. This means you can get straight on with your ride, rather than messing around inflating the tyres before you can start. (or have an extra 10 minutes riding / in bed)

  • Jockey Wheels

    Derailleur / Chain tensioner jockey wheels from Hope, Shimano and Brompton

  • Pedals

    Get on and push yourself with this selection of pedals. Be it mountain bike, BMX, touring or folding bikes including Brompton.

  • Saddles

    Saddles from Brooks of England, Brompton and Vavert

  • Shocks

    Rear shocks

  • Sprockets

    Sprockets, cassettes and freewheels.

  • Wheels

    Wheels, including those for folding bicycles, spokes, dynamos, hubs and wheel accessories

  • Triggers / Shifters

    Gear triggers / shifters

  • Tyres

    High quality bicycle tyres for all types of bikes from folding bike, classic, commuter, all mountain, cross country, downhill, road to cruiser.

    To select the right size tyre however, we suggest that you go by the ETRTO / ISO number (e.g. 37-349) printed on the side of the existing tyre not by the size (e.g. 16 inch), as a description of 26 inch for example can refer to several different diameters.

    For a full explanation in depth, you could check out this web page ....

    If in doubt - contact us.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 236 items