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Continental Compact 16 inch Inner tube - box and tube View larger

Continental Compact 16 inch Inner tube



Continental Compact 16 inch inner tube

Suitable for all Brompton folding bike tyres

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Continental Compact 16 inch inner tube - schrader valve

(16 x 1 3/8" - 16 x 1.75") Schrader valve - 34mm length valve

Weight: 105g (according to our scales)

Sized to fit the following:

  • 32-305 -> 47-349 
  • 16 x 1 3/8 -> 16 x 1.75
  • 400 x 32A -> 400 x 47A

Common sizes in this range are:

  • 40-305 (16 x 1.5 inch)
  • 47-305 (16 x 1.75 inch)
  • 32-349 (16 x 1 3/8 inch) - the old Brompton green / kevlar tyre size
  • 35-349 (16 x 1/35) - as used on Brompton Marathon Racer and the Schwalbe 16 inch Marathon Plus

Confused by the size? It fits Brompton tyres!

Q: So - What is the purpose of a rim nut?

A: Bear in mind that unlike this Continental tube, some inner tubes don't have a rum nut - that's why we posed the question
The rim nut secures the valve into the rim

Your bike can be ridden perfectly safely without a rim nut

It comes in useful when installing a tyre or attaching a pump - as it helps stop the valve being pushed inside the rim With some rims there may be a rattle/noise if the valve is not fixed - that is why often valves without a rim nut are coated in rubber

The rim nut should only be tightened by hand. Don't tighten the it with pliers, as this could damage your inner tube

Q: What is the valve cap for?

The valve cap supplied with the Schwalbe inner tubes should be used

This is especially important with Schrader / car type valves (we know it's against the rules of cycling for roadies to use valves!)

It prevents dirt / water and chemicals from getting inside the valve and causing corrosion and damage - meaning the valve / tube will last longer

Bicycle compatiblity includes:

  • Brompton folding bikes
  • Dahon curve 16" folding bike
  • Mezzo D10 16" folding bike
  • and many more - in fact send us a message if you know one we are missing!

Fitting of the tyre / inner tube:

We recommend against using tyre levers when installing a tyre and tube, as it can cause damage to the tyre / inner tube or both. It may seem difficult or even impossible at first - but it is just technique, practice and patience

We made the below video to show the features of the Continental tyre and inner tube combination

Continental code: 181091 



Mixed bag

I bought 2 plus new Continental tyres and fitted them to my Brompton last week. The rear tyre (clear dust cap) has been fine. The front (black dust cap) lost about 40psi in a week.


    Bought to go with Conti tyres.

    As I’d bought a pair of Conti Contact Urbans, I went with the shop’s recommendation to fit the matching Compact inner tubes. They seem more substantial than the original Kenda’s and fitting them was a breeze, Happy customer.

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    Continental Compact 16 inch Inner tube

    Continental Compact 16 inch Inner tube

    Continental Compact 16 inch inner tube

    Suitable for all Brompton folding bike tyres

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    Data sheet

    Comm Code40132000
    Rim nut:Yes
    Valve type:Schrader / car / auto