Brilliant Bikes are dealers for and stock / sell complete bikes from the following manufacturers:

Brompton - folding bikes, made in London

Orbea - all types of bike including road, gravel (cyclocross), mountain, leisure and city

Frog - lightweight kids bikes

Pashley - classic British bicycles

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Brilliant Bikes are dealers for and stock / sell complete bikes from the following manufacturers:

Brompton - folding bikes, made in London

Orbea - all types of bike including road, gravel (cyclocross), mountain, leisure and city

Frog - lightweight kids bikes

Pashley - classic British bicycles

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  • Brompton folding bikes

    Brompton folding bicycles - Made for you, in London, England

    This is just a sample of Brompton folding bikes - our stock - all Bromptons can be custom made to your specifications just choose the following:

    1/ Frame:

    Steel or Super light (titanium forks and rear frame)

    2/ Colour(s):

    Choose your colour from Black, Grey, Ivory, Turkish Green, Racing Green, Tempest Blue, Red, Lagoon Blue, Lime Green, Berry Crush or Raw Lacquer. Sometimes there are special edition models such as the CHPT3, Nickel and Black editions with special colours

    3/ Handlebar type

    The Brompton comes with a choice of four handlebar types: M-type - this is the traditional Brompton style handlebar (it was re-modelled in 2017 to have a lower rise for improved stiffness - though a slightly increased stem height helps the overall height the same). S-type - this is a straight handlebar similar to that found on a mountain bike, to give a more sporty riding position. P-type - a multi-position style handlebars, especially useful for touring where you can benefit from taking different riding positions during long days in the saddle. H-type - this is the same shape as the M-type bar, but in conjunction with a longer stem gives a higher riding position - designed for the taller rider or those used to the European (Dutch / Swedish) riding position

    4/ Gears

    The Brompton comes with a choice of one, two, three or six gears. The two and six speed bikes use a Brompton specific derailleur. The threes and six speed bikes use a 3 speed hub gear. The six speed bike combines the derailleur and a wide ratio hub gear to give a total of six

    5/ Front luggage

    All Brompton come with lugs on the front ready for fitting a front carrier block. Brompton luggage is designed to easily click on and off of the front carrier block and comes in a wide variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs

    6/ Mudguards

    The bike comes with 3 options:
    a/ No mudguards
    b/ Mudguards only
    c/ Mudguards and rack
    The mudguards provide very good protection from water on the road

    7/ Roller wheels

    Roller wheels help the bike sit well and roll when folded. Larger roller wheel options are available

    8/ Tyres

    Bromptons come from the factory with a  choice of tyres:
    Brompton Schwalbe Marathon Racer 16 x 1 1/3 - new for 2018
    Schwalbe Marathon
    Schwalbe Kojak - a lightweight racing tyre

    9/ Saddle

    The bike comes with a choice of standard or wide width saddles

    10/ Seat height

    There is a choice of three seat heights:
    Standard - for those with an inside leg of up to 33 inches
    Extended (an extra 6cm longer) for riders with an inside leg of up to 35 inches
    Telescopic (two parts which slide into each other) for very tall riders

    11/ Suspension

    The rear suspension block comes in standard (for riders up to 70kg) and firm for heavier riders or those just wanting a firmer ride

    12/ Reflectors/Lighting

    As standard the bike comes with front and rear reflectors
    A hub dynamo system is also available, with a choice of Shimano or SON front wheel powered hub dynamos
    Front and rear battery lights with Brompton specific mountings (so as not to interfere with the fold) are also available

    So we can ensure that you get the right bike for you - Brompton bikes are not available for shipping - only for collection from our Chobham shop

    We keep at least six Brompton folding bikes in stock for instant collection, in a range of models and colours

    A fully specified demo bike is also available by appointment for you to try. It's a M-type (traditional Brompton / BMX style handlebars) with six speeds, rack, Eazy Wheels and a telescopic seatpost (so should fit everyone)

  • Frog Kids Bikes

    Frog kids bikes

    We keep a complete range of Frog lightweight bicycles and balance bikes for children

    A local (to us) husband and wife wanted their children to enjoy cycling - but were frustrated that the majority of childrens bikes were either too heavy or poor build quality, so they decided they could do better and founded Frog

    They are going from strength to strength (and the ones we have sold are loved by their riders - in fact they don't like letting us have them back for the free 6 week checkup!). The assembly the Frog bikes has recently been moved from the far east to Wales - bringing more jobs to the UK

    The bikes also hold their value remarkably well - often listed on e-bay second hand at nearly new bike prices

    We aim to keep one of each size in our Chobham shop (in various colours so that we can show the different colours and help you size your childs bike) - we also keep a stock ready for building at short notice

    What does the number mean (e.g. Frog 62, Frog 55)

    The number on the Frog bikes describes the size - measured by inside leg measurement (e.g. Frog 48 refers to an inside leg of 48 cm). Frog base their sizing based on this rather than wheel size (there are often a couple of bikes in each wheel size but with different frame sizes - so you can find the perfect fit

    The smallest in the range are called the Tadpole - these are balance bikes, so no pedals - for your child to learn balance (as the name balance bike implies) by running along while sitting on the saddle - then taking their feet off the ground as confidence grows - they have just one (rear) brake

    There are two first ride bicycles - the Frog 43 and 48, which allow the child to concentrate on pedalling and have just one speed (so no need to worry about trying to co-ordinate gears and pedalling at the same time. We often find that to start, its better to remove the pedals and use as a balance bike - even for just the first day or so (this generally works better than stabilisers as it doesn't build a reliance)

    Then there are the Frog bikes - 52 all the way up to 78 (based on inside leg). These have a single front chain ring (for simplicity and lightness) and non-suspension front forks (again, to save weight). They are equally capable off and on road

  • Intense Spares

    Spare parts for your Intense bike

    Bearings, top and bottom links, axles, derailleur hangers, dropouts and more - the stuff you need to keep your Intense bike in top condition

  • Moulton Bicycles

    Expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, Moulton bicycles are the world's most efficient form of transport - designed for universal use, real performance and comfort.

  • Orbea Bikes

    Orbea have been making bikes in the Basque region of Spain since the 1930's

    We're really happy to be riding / stocking / selling them since 2017 :-)

    There is a complete collection of bikes available for all riding styles - for Road, Gravel, Mountain, Leisure / City and Kids

    You can even design your own specification and colours, for delivery to us (click and collect - where we do the pre delivery setup/inspection so you don't have to stress about it)

    Orbea doesn’t make women’s bicycles....

    they make bikes that women ride!

    The women of UHC Pro Cycling Team win on the same Orbeas raced in the Tour de France by the men of Team Cofdis.

    Two-time XC World Champion Catherine Pendrel of the CLIF Pro Team has never requested a woman’s bike, she instead demands we design the best mountain bikes on the market. 

  • Pashley Bicycles and...

    Pashley - bikes, spare parts and accessories

    From the moment William 'Rath' Pashley founded Pashley over 80 years ago, Pashley has embraced the needs and aspirations of its customers and translated these into what has become a unique range of cycles.

    Pashley Bicycles are still hand-built in Stratford-upon-Avon, England

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Showing 1 - 12 of 66 items