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  • Gear indicator chains

    Hub gear indicator chains for Sturmey Archer hubs

    The gear indicator change is cable actuated and pulls a clutch in the centre of the hub to change gear

    Different hubs have different indicator chains - the length and width can vary

    Most of the Sturmey Archer indicator chains have a mark on them to aid with identification - for example the Mark 2 chain used on the Brompton BWR and BSR has "SA II" etched into the side of the indicator chain axle

    Gear indicator chain identification mark

    Later gear indicator chains moved away from using engraved version numbers to colour markings - these can look similar, so need to be seen under good daylight!

    Colour coded gear indicator chain identification

    Also note that the chain can be very dirty when removed from the wheel - so may need cleaning

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items