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We here at Brilliant Bikes aim to keep all Brompton spare parts, accessories and upgrades for Brompton folding bicycles in stock at all times!

If you are looking for our range of complete Brompton bikes (as opposed to spare parts), click here

If it is Brompton (the company) that you are interested in, then visit the official Brompton website for...

We here at Brilliant Bikes aim to keep all Brompton spare parts, accessories and upgrades for Brompton folding bicycles in stock at all times!

If you are looking for our range of complete Brompton bikes (as opposed to spare parts), click here

If it is Brompton (the company) that you are interested in, then visit the official Brompton website for more info - just click here:

One of the (many) things we love about Brompton is that a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories are available to keep your folding bike in perfect working order - and we try and keep them all in stock.

What's here?

Here we list all Brompton accessories, spare parts, luggage and upgrades to keep your folding bike in pristeen condition. We also show how many of each we have in stock - as we know that you want your Brompton back on the road as soon as possible.

We're always trying to improve our information / pictures - so If you have a better picture of a Brompton spare part / accessory, either stand alone or in place on your Brompton - please feel free to send it to us. (we don't guarantee to use it, but we do like to see stuff in action!)

If there is some Brompton spare or accessory that you need (it is possible we missed something) - but can't find - please ask by going to our contact page, and if it's available, we will add it.

Click on one of the Brompton parts sub-categories below to narrow the number of products shown.

And yes - delivery on all these items is free to the UK

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  • Brompton Brake Parts...

    Brake calipers, pads, levers, parts and cables specifically for your Brompton folding bicycle

    Like you, we think that stopping is quite important!

    Brompton use different lengths of cables specific to the handle bar types:

    • M-type - the traditional handlebar type
    • H-type - higher riding position
    • S-type - straight / sports style bar
    • P-type - multi-position especially suited to touring (this handlebar type was disconinued in 2019)

    Different cable specifications / lengths are used so that the fold works properly.

    Which way around are the brakes

    In the UK - where we are based, as we drive on the left, the front brake lever is on the right and the rear is on the left (this is sometimes used as moto style - as it is also the way used on motorbikes)

    If you require brake cables for a reverse set-up - with the front brake  on the left, please contact us as we keep these in stock but don't currently list them - to avoid confusion

  • Brompton frame, joints...

    Brompton spare parts relating to frame, joints and other structural bits.

    We've tried to make it a little easier to find the part you are looking for by splitting into several sub categories: frame parts (currently not available online - just for dealer fitting)

    • Headsets (for smooth steering)
    • Handlebars, seat posts / pillars (and seatpost accessories)
    • Rollers / rolling wheels (including Eazy Wheels)
    • Rear carrier bits
    • Folding detail (joints, frame clamps, hooks etc)
  • Brompton gear parts

    Brompton hubs, gears, derailleur and gear cables

    So Bromptons come with a choice of gearing options: 

    • Single speed - you won't need any gear cables as you don't have any gears.
    • Two speed - uses Brompton's own derailleur system.
    • Three speed - uses internal hub gearing, provided by Sturmey Archer (and previously also SRAM/Sachs).    
    • Size speed - Combines the two speed and the three speed to give six speed :).
  • Brompton lights,...

    Lights, reflectors and brackets

    Brompton offer three different lighting / reflector options as standard from the factory

    Because of the folding capabilities of a Brompton, the lights need to be mounted / fitted to the bike in such a way as not to interfere with the fold. Attaching a band held front light to the handlebars or seat post works OK - until you try and fold the bike - when you often find that the light needs to be moved / removed in order to fold the bike up properly

    Below is a short summary of the Brompton offerings, we have also added some Brompton compatible alternatives

    Reflectors only

    • Red rear reflector
    • White front reflector

    Note: Spoke reflectors are no longer fitted, as the reflective sidewall of the tyres fitted negates the need

    Battery lighting

    Rear battery lights

    There are now two rear light options offered by Brompton as standard from the factory

    • a USB rechargeable light which fits to the base of the saddle (introduced in 2017 and fitting the new 2017 saddle only) - made in conjunction with CatEye
    • the traditional Brompton rear light - which just has on / off function and a built in reflector - made by Spanninga. This replaces the rear reflector. This uses traditional AAA batteries
    • We also added a light from Busch and Muller which fits the Brompton brackets (50mm spacing between mounting bots id you are interested) and has a built in reflector
    Front battery lighting
    • Brompton now uses a CatEye Volt front light as an option - this fits to the brake calliper / fork junction and replaces the reflector - but uses a different mounting bracket. It is USB rechargeable

    Dynamo lighting

    Dynamo lighting is the fit and forget option - no batteries to change or re-charging required, and they have come a long way since the days of the bottle / tyre / traction dynamo systems of the past

    Previous Brompton dynamo options

    Brompton have replaced the two previous options for dynamo lighting - both utilised a front wheel with built in dynamo to power the front and rear light

    These options were from SON/Schmidt and Shimano - they use the same rear light, but the SON one uses a more powerful front light with a built in stand light function (so the light stays on for a short period after you stop).

    New for 2018 - SP

    In 2018 Brompton released a new dynamo wheel from SP - Shutter Products - very compact and lightweight - this replaced both the SON and Shimano systems

    The new SP dynamo set comes with a Spanninga Solo rear light and a Busch and Muller Lyt front light

    The old Brompton tyre dynamo system (which used a bottle dynamo rolling a wheel on the rear tyre) has now been discontinued

  • Brompton Luggage

    Brompton covers, bags / luggage and bike carriers for your Brompton folding bike(s)

    Brompton cover / carrier:

    Our range of covers and boxes allow you to carry / transport your Brompton (on a plane, train or automobile for example) while protecting it

    The covers can just as well be used for tidy storage, helping reducing the chances of damage

    Brompton bag / luggage:

    Whether it's riding to the shops to pick up a pint of milk / loaf of bread, carrying your laptop to the office, or long distance touring - Brompton bags give you plenty of choices in terms of style / size and colour.

    the Brompton bags mount on a front carrier block - a design which means that the bag doesn’t interfere with the bike handling

    Brompton Electric luggage:

    We have always considered the Brompton bags to be pretty valuable, but with the Brompton Electric folding bike they become essential

    Initially there was a choice of two bags - the small standard bag and the large optional extra bag.

    In 2022 a new basket bag was also launched for the Brompton electric - giving a choice of three bags

    Each of these has a frame which carries the battery which in turn powers the electric motor

  • Brompton mudguards,...

    Brompton mudguards

    In the UK it rains, a lot, granted not as much as in Seattle! (so we have heard)

    Brompton is built in the UK, so it makes sense that they know a thing or two about keeping the water off the rider

    That's good as might be important for you to have a dry bottom for a meeting or just for comfort

    Brompton mudguards are now available in a choice of three colours: white, black and the factory installed silver

    The Brompton mudguards are made out of plastic, if you mistreat them they will break, for example, forgetting of turn the front wheel as you fold the bike, or dragging the mudguard along the ground as you fold the back wheel under

    It could just be that you would like to add mudguards to your bike for the winter, you can do this by adding the mudguards with the stays


  • Brompton Sundry Parts

    Sundry parts! That sounds a bit like a great category for left-overs that couldn't really fit in anywhere else?

    A range of accessories from Brompton

    The sundries range includes:
    Saddles (and pentaglips to mount the saddle to the seat post) - we gave these their own category
    Handlebar grips
    Other sundry bits and pieces

  • Brompton Transmission

    The stuff which (with your help) drives your Brompton forwards .... Pedals, cranks, chainsets, chains, bottom brackets, chain tensioners and rear sprockets and spacers.

    This includes the now famous (as of September 2017) Bottom Bracket (recalled due to a defect affecting up to 0.02% of Bromptons).

    Here you can find, chains and chain tensions / derailleurs, pedals, sprocket sets and crank sets / chain rings.   

  • Brompton Wheels, tyres...

    Brompton wheels, tyres and wheel components

    Pot holes and poor road conditions can take their toll on your poor wheels and rubber (or butyl), don't worry we have a complete range of wheels, spokes, rims, tyres and tubes.

    Or maybe you just fancy a shiny new and / or black wheel.

  • Brompton Miscellaneous

    Brompton miscellaneous items 

    Very important stuff, we did not know which house to pop them into, so we put them here

    Most popular is the tool kit - which fits handily into the Brompton frame 

  • Brompton Electric Spares

    Brompton Electric Specific spare parts

    While the majority of the parts are the same on the standard Brompton folding bike and the Brompton Electric - but some (for example the battery chargers and luggage) are specific to the electric version - we list those here

  • Brompton Apparel

    Clothing to show your Brompton love to the rest of the world!

    • hats
    • gloves
    • Scarves
    • shoe laces!

    We rrend not to do too much clothing - but we thought we would share the love

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Showing 1 - 12 of 485 items