Brompton Wheels, tyres and wheel components

Brompton wheels, tyres and wheel components

Pot holes and poor road conditions can take their toll on your poor wheels and rubber (or butyl), don't worry we have a complete range of wheels, spokes, rims, tyres and tubes.

Or maybe you just fancy a shiny new and / or black wheel.

Brompton Wheels, tyres and wheel components We have 55 products.


  • Brompton rims / spokes

    Brompton rims 

    In 2013 Brompton changed from a single wall rim made by Alex wheels to a double walled rim.

    The single walled rim used the same rim for both front and rear wheels.

    The double wall rim comes in two styles - with straight drilled and angled holes. All front wheels use the straight drilled rims, but the rear wheel rim depends upon the hub.

    Please double check the hub / wheel combination by looking at the data sheet downloadable on the product pages.

    Brompton spokes

    The Brompton spokes come in different lengths depending upon the wheel and rim combination. There is a data sheet on each spoke page showing a matrix of what goes with what.

    Spokes for Brompton bikes come in 3 profiles:

    • Plain / Straight gauge - these are a standard thickness throughout the length of the spoke
    • Single butted - these spokes have a different thickness at one end compared to the rest of the spoke
    • Double butted - these are thicker at both ends than in the middle of the spoke

    The spoke (not poke as spell check suggested) gauge 13g / 14g refers to the thickness of the spoke - not the weight

    We sell spokes as a standard set of 28 (for the Brompton rim/wheel) and also as singles - should you just wish to replace the odd one / carry one as a spare - for example when travelling on holiday.

  • Brompton tyres / tubes

    Tyres and inner tubes (and rim tape) for your Brompton folding bike

    The Brompton wheel / rim size is - ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) size of 349 and is compatible with the following Brompton tyres - factory fitted:

    • Brompton Schwalbe Marathon Racer 37-349 / 16 1/3 inch (new for the 2018 model Brompton)
    • Brompton Schwalbe Kojak 32-349 / 16 1/4 inch - folding tyre with reflective sidewall 
    • Schwalbe Marathon 35-349 / 16 x 1.35 inch
    • Schwalbe Marathon Racer (dimensions to be confirmed, we will update as soon as we know) 

    These tyres are also compatible with your Brompton, though not supplied by Brompton as a factory fit option:

    • Schwalbe Kojak 32-349 / 16 1/4 inch - wired tyre 
    • Schwalbe Marathon Plus 35-349 / 16 x 1.35 inch
    • Schwalbe Winter 30-349 / 16 x 1.2 inch studded tyre

    Brompton tyres - historical information:

    The Brompton Kevlar (previously the Brompton Green) was discontinued in 2017
    The Schwalbe Stelvio 16 inch tyre was discontinued 2009
    The Brompton yellow / standard tyre was discontinued in 20??
    The Schwalbe Kojak inch tyre was discontinued except as a Brompton version in 2013
    The Brompton kevlar / green tyre was replaced with the standard Brompton kevlar tyre in 20??
    The Brompton kevlar tyre will be discontinued in 2017 and replaced with the Schwalbe Marathon Racer (we are still waiting to see the exact details, but you can sure it'll be added here soon)

  • Brompton Wheels

    Brompton wheels (and components)

    Here's a list of the wheels (and wheel components - rims / hubs / axle fittings) and wheel upgrade kits for Brompton folding bikes

    What is the Brompton wheel size?
    Although the Brompton wheel is normally described as 16 inch it should more correctly be called ETRTO 349 (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation sizing)

    Just for reference: Other wheels of smaller sizes such as those on a Moulton are also referred to as 16 inch but have a smaller diameter - made up for with bigger tyre depth

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Showing 1 - 12 of 55 items