Brompton Luggage

Brompton covers, bags / luggage and bike carriers for your Brompton folding bike(s)

Brompton cover / carrier:

Our range of covers and boxes allow you to carry / transport your Brompton (on a plane, train or automobile for example) while protecting it

The covers can just as well be used for tidy storage, helping reducing the chances of damage


Brompton covers, bags / luggage and bike carriers for your Brompton folding bike(s)

Brompton cover / carrier:

Our range of covers and boxes allow you to carry / transport your Brompton (on a plane, train or automobile for example) while protecting it

The covers can just as well be used for tidy storage, helping reducing the chances of damage

Brompton bag / luggage:

Whether it's riding to the shops to pick up a pint of milk / loaf of bread, carrying your laptop to the office, or long distance touring - Brompton bags give you plenty of choices in terms of style / size and colour.

the Brompton bags mount on a front carrier block - a design which means that the bag doesn’t interfere with the bike handling

Brompton Electric luggage:

We have always considered the Brompton bags to be pretty valuable, but with the Brompton Electric folding bike they become essential

Initially there was a choice of two bags - the small standard bag and the large optional extra bag.

In 2022 a new basket bag was also launched for the Brompton electric - giving a choice of three bags

Each of these has a frame which carries the battery which in turn powers the electric motor


Brompton Luggage We have 48 products.


  • Brompton Covers / Boxes

    It could be a padded bag for protecting your Brompton on an aeroplane, or a cover allowing you to take your Brompton on Eurostar or local buses and trams

    Which bag / box / cover should you use for your Brompton?

    Choosing the correct protection for your Brompton really depends upon the transport method and therefore the level of protection required

    Traveling by air:

    Baggage handlers are not renowned for careful handling of luggage / bags - so if you are taking your Brompton away for a holiday - they deserve one too you know! - then you will be looking for something protective

    • Brompton cardboard box that it came with

    Although not listed here, the Brompton cardboard box - the one that it came with from the Brompton factory is designed for shipping - we have used these to transport our Brompton bikes by air - with no problem so far. They are especially good for one way trips - just unpack the bike and put the box in the recycling - job done! You should be able to pick one up free of charge from your local Brompton shop - or collect from us in Chobham - just 25 minutes by train (and a short bus journey) from London Waterloo station

    • B&W Foldon / hard case

    We have travelled with Bromptons far afield using both the B&W Foldon folding box and the B&W Brompton hard case (now also confusingly called Foldon)

    B&W Foldon or Hard case?

    The B&W Foldon box has several advantages over the B&W Brompton hard case:

    1. It folds up (albeit like like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout and wants to spring apart) to a reasonably small size. We've left it in left luggage self service lockers at the airport to save transporting around when we get to our destination, and collected on return
    2. There is more storage space inside - this has a downside too as it means that the bike can move more inside the case, potentially getting damaged - to overcome this, we stuff the box with clothes / luggage / bubble wrap. This extra size means that the pedals / saddle don't need to be removed
    3. It has four wheels on the base - making it easy to wheel around the airport

    The B&W Brompton hard case also has its advantages:

    1. It has locks - though we haven't used them!
    2. The hard case seems more robust - though we have had one returned with a dented corner (dropped by baggage handlers?)

    Both of these boxes we ship direct to you from our supplier

    • Brompton travel bag - 2019 version

    We think that the new Brompton travel bag could be used for air travel - but would be best for those light aircraft journeys where the handling is a bit more careful

    Travelling by Eurostar:

    The Eurostar bike policy:

    Says you can take your Brompton as long as it is completely covered - we have used the new Brompton bike cover and the older QCOV model which also acted as a small saddle bag, with no problem. We've also seen people use IKEA Dimpa bags and even the blue Ikea shopping bag

    Staying in hotels:

    We tend to cover our bikes using the Brompton cover - it just looks cleaner when you are checking in - some hotels don't like dirty bikes in their rooms (even if it's no worse than taking in a pushchair / wheelchair)

    Brompton covers / boxes ranked by toughness:

    We think they rank as shown below:

    1. B&W Brompton hard case
    2. B&W Foldon folding bike box
    3. Brompton travel bag - new 2019 version
    4. Polaris bike pod
    5. B&W folding bike bag
    6. Brompton bike cover
  • Brompton bags

    Brompton bags and saddle bags

    The Brompton front luggage collection all begins with the front luggage carrier block this attaches to the front of the Bromptons main frame.

    There are two holes pre made on the front of the frame ready for you to install the front carrier block if you don't already have one!

    Brompton front luggage blockBrompton O bags

    The fact that the bag is attached directly to the frame and not the handlebars means that transporting stuff with your Brompton doesn't affect the handling / steering as the bag doesn't interfere with the ride (and unlike a rucksack, you don't get a sweaty back!)

    Brompton bags come in a variety of sizes / options. They are available as an option on new bikes from the Brompton factory and also available as an aftermarket option here

    New 2020 bags

    In 2022 Brompton introduced two new bags

    • Brompton Borough rack bag for the new advance roller rack
    • Brompton Borough waterproof back pack

    2020 bags

    In 2020 Brompton introduced two new ranges - essentially splitting the bags into three distinct ranges

    • Brompton Borough bag - for travel / touring / genereal use
    • Brompton Metro bag - for the city / recruiting
    • Brompton transport range - for transporting your Brompton

    Brompton Borough roll top bag

    This replaces the classic T / Touring bag, and has lots of pockets / storage - ideat when bikepacking on the Brompton. It was initially introduced along side the Brompton Explore special edition bike

    Brompton Borough basket bag

    The Brompton equivalent to a folding basket - an open top bag great for popping to she shops for milk / fuit or veg. Also available in limited edition Liberty print fabric

    Brompton Metro messenger bag

    This bag replaces the C bag - ideal for use to / from the office - including a large padded laptop sleeve

    A bit more about the classic / original Brompton bags...

    Brompton S Bag

    this was the smallest of the bags - designed to be less high so as to be compatible with the S-type handlebars. It now has an exchangeable front flap - so you can customise it to match your mood / outfit!

    Brompton C Bag

    this was based on the Caradice bag - slightly larger than the S-bag

    Brompton T Bag

    this is a larger touring bag with a roll top for plenty of storage. The C-bag and the T-bag use the same size frame

    All of the above bags have a removable frame with a carrying handle, a rain/showerproof cover and carrying strap

    Brompton basket

    this is more basic - it still attaches to the front carrier block - and is great for popping to the shops to pick up groceries. It's based on the wicker basket idea but made of fabric - with no top to it

    Brompton and Ortlieb work together to produce a waterproof option for the Brompton

    In 2010 Brompton introduced the O-Bag in conjunction with Ortlieb, giving them the first really waterproof option (this was updated in 2016 with cosmetic changes to the logo). The range of O-bag colours changes year on year

    There is also a smaller version of the O-Bag, imaginatively named the Mini O-bag

    Brompton increase the range - including saddle, roll top and tote bags

    Brompton saddle pouch

    First introduced in 2016 and still going strong in 2019 - these small bags are available in a wide range of colours and attach to the Brompton (or Brooks saddle) using the loops on the back of the saddle

    • Small bag fox carrying essentials such as spare inner tube / keys / buff
    • Available in a range of colours including black / khaki / cherry blossom
    • Attach to the saddle using velcro - through the two loops at the back of the saddle

    Brompton Roll Top bag

    A great small / lightweight commuter bag

    Brompton shoulder bag

    This small bag was introduced in 2016

    Brompton tote bag

    This bag was introduced in 2016 when Brompton extended their luggage range away from the traditional bags

    • Available in a range of colours
    • New colour - grey - introduced in the 2018/2019 range
    • Also available in some limited edition Liberty print fabrics

    Cambridge satchel

    Special edition leather Brompton bag

    Barbour Brompton Tarras

    A special edition bag introduced in 2019

  • Brompton Electric Luggage

    Bags specifically for the Brompton Electric folding bike

    As of 2022 there are three bags available:

    • Small bag
    • Large bag
    • Basket bag (new for 2022)

    Snappily named, and quite self explanitory

  • Brompton luggage spares

    Brompton folding bicycle luggage spares

    As well as a complete range of bags - we keep the spares for the bags

    • Bag frames
    • S-bag replacement front covers / flaps
    • Rain resistant covers
    • B&W spare parts for the Brompton folding bike hard case
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Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items