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Brompton brake pad inserts (pair)



Pair of replacement Brompton brake pad inserts

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Brompton brake pad inserts

This is a pair of replacement brake pads (inserts only) for the Mk3 (2008 onwards) Brompton brake callipers

These brake pad inserts are not currently at Brompton - this could be due to the change to new 2018 brake blocks - you can get the Fibrax equivalent brake pad inserts here

Some Brompton brake pad / caliper history:

As of 2017 the current Brompton brake calipers - Mk3 - are a bronze(ish) colour - they were introduced in 2008/2009. In addition there are black edition calipers which are also available on the after-market.

Initially, Bromptons made after that time used Fibrax brake shoes (also a bronze(ish) colure which have exchangeable pads (meaning you can change the pad and keep the holder - saving some money).

In approx 2016, the brake shoes/holders were changed for black ones - in our opinion they look better on the Black calipers than they do on the bronze ones.

Previous to the Mk3 bronze coloured (and black edition) brake calipers - they were silver. These didn't have replaceable pads, a new shoe and pad were required when the brakes wore out.

Please note: This is just the rubber pad, not the holder / shoe.

Since 2016 the brake pads are "handed" so marked with L-Left and R-Right

Note: If you have older (silver as opposed to light bronze colour) brake calipers without fibrax pads, you will need the pads AND holders (they are compatible) - found here

If you have the newer Black brake shoes on your brake calipers - these are the also the replacement pads for you.

The worn out Brompton brake pad-insert is removed by using a 2mm allen key to loosen an allen bolt, then sliding out the brake pad Insert.

The new brake pad insert is then slid into place and the allen bolt re-tightened.

Replacing just the pad (rather than the pad and holder) saves some money compared to having to buy a complete pad and holder set.

Tools required: 2mm Allen Key

Brompton Q part code: QBRPADINSERT
Brompton part number: 9029013

Another note:
These brake pads are (since 2016) no longer the pads manufactured by Fibrax - details of the pre-2016 pads are shown below:
Made in: Wrexham in the UK
Fibrax pads are tested in accordance with CEN 14764
Fibrax part number: ASH410-BR

These are cartridge insert brake pads compatible with the Shimano type road caliper system used on Brompton folding bicycles 



Pads for your Brompton.

These are probably the best pads for your Brompton, and even so I seem to get through them every 6 months - so thanks to Brilliant Bikes for their excellent service sending out replacements quickly.


    Great brakes!

    Arrived very quickly and fitted perfectly! Thank you



      Product great; service excellent as always!


        Brompton Brake pad inserts

        Very easy to fit simply remove grub screw from pad holder and remove old pads simply slide in replacements refit grub screw and you done very easy fit with this kit.


          fitting tip

          Great replacement part remember you need two packs if you are replacing front and rear brakes . I fixed the small bolt that locks the pad in place with a tiny amount of lock tight as one came out before .


            Good pads

            Direct replacement for the originals on my Brompton. They perform well, and produce what seems like a 'typical' amount of black dust/dirt. I might try an alternative one day to see if this aspect can be improved upon.


              Does the job

              Exact replacement, easy to use fit, and excellent service from Brilliant Bikes - thanks! Just don't forget like I did, you need two pairs to do the whole bike...!


                They stop my bike!

                The fibrax pads are great. Fitting is easy and they stop the bike without chewing up the wheel-rim.
                I recently bought a different make from Cycle Surgery and they weren't a patch.

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                  Brompton brake pad inserts (pair)

                  Brompton brake pad inserts (pair)

                  Pair of replacement Brompton brake pad inserts

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