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Brompton battery powered LED rear light



Rear light - 2xAAA battery powered - from Brompton by Spanninga

This light is discontinued - and replaced by this one

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Brompton battery powered rear light

This light fits Bromptons with a rack as well as those without - it simply replaces the rear reflector (and has a reflector built into the light)

Replaces the rack mounted rear reflector and brake calliper mounted rear reflector

Brompton have now discontinued this rear light

As an alternative (and possibly a better light, and easier to run due to USB charging) we recommend

  • the 2C Permanent from Busch and Muller
  • there is now also a new AAA battery lamp in town from Brompton made by Spanninga - the Solo

You can find links to both of these items at the bottom of the page in the related items / accessories section

Click here and you can find out more info about the Bush and Muller rear light and how to fit it easily to your Brompton

This Brompton LED rear lamp with integral reflectors is designed specially for Brompton and gives a good bright light: this light stays fixed to the bike. The lamp replaces the rear reflector

The Brompton rear light is shock and water resistant and despite giving visibility up to 400m away the batteries should last for up to 60 hours.

Two modes:

Why is there no flashing mode?
There is no flash mode on this light - we think it's because it is made by Spanninga in Holland - and in Holland flashing lights are not legal on bicycles
Additionally - for a bicycle light to meet British Standards (as this one does) then it must be steady with no flashing function available (look at a CatEye light package - it says if used in UK it must be used in conjunction with a British Standard lamp)

About the mounting brackets:

If you have a rack fitted then the brackets holding the reflector will hold the light - unless its a really old tubular rack which will require rack mounting brackets and for you to drill a hole in the rack.

If you don't have a rack - then you can use the "Y" shaped bracket (mounted on the rear brake caliper) which holds on the rear reflector. 

Batteries (2 x AAA) are included - replaced by unscrewing the two screws on the front (lens) of the lamp with a Philips type screwdriver

The Brompton rear light can mount to the R-type (with mudguards and rack), L-type (with mudguards) or E-type (no mudguards or rack) - i.e. it is compatible with all Brompton models - it just replaces the rear reflector and adds a lamp functionality.

Brompton Q part code: QVBATRLAM
Brompton part number: 9013074

Here's a video about the replacement for this light



Very poor

Why haven't Brompton released a flashing usb charged light yet to fit this 15 year old design? - unscrewing 2 screws to replace a battery? - simply no good whatsoever for the modern world and city life


    Poor design

    The best thing about this light is that it is fixed to the frame and never flies off. A strong bright light, but it doesn't have a flashing mode. I use it in tandem with the Cat Eye USB rechargeable saddle light, which is a much better design, but does have a tendency to fly off.

    Definitely the worst thing about this light is that you have to remove two screws in order to change the batteries. Very fiddly in the dark without my glasses on; the screws don't bite very well, and the screw heads wear out with use. The batteries are difficult to seat in the compartment. Very poor design for a Brompton branded product.

    It was good for one season's use, but I am having to replace this light is because, although definitely turned off, it completely drains a new set of batteries every night.

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    Doesn't work on semi-fold, at least on 2018 model

    I wanted a light that lasted a decent number of hours, had a decent reflector, and that I could carry spare batteries for. This seemed to tick every box.

    However, I have to agree with others about replacing the batteries. The holes for the screws that you need to remove to get to the batteries are very badly tapped, so one came out easily, the other needed an exact sized screw driver to even get enough purchase to move it. Not useful if you needed to replace on the road.

    The battery chamber is also really poorly constructed, with a spring showing which side you want to put the negative pole on one side, but on the other, both sides the same, so memory of instruction manual is necessary.

    The light itself is bright enough, but at a 45% angle on my 2018 M6E.

    The absolute worst thing about it, my bike can no longer stand easily on a flat surface by just flicking in the rear wheel. Flick out the back wheel, and now the light is in the way of the wheel keeping it upright. The angle seemed weird, but preventing sensible standing is an epic fail.

    It’s cheap, bright, etc., but considering it’s Brompton branded, it’s an abject failure. I really want to replace with something that’s actually practical.


      Excellent robust light

      Bright light incorporating good sized reflectors. Easy to fit, very secure and the batteries are easy to change. Strong and solid light. My only reservation is it is a bit on the expensive size. I am very happy with it.

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      A good practical rear light

      I have rechargeable flashing lights front and rear, but this certainly compliments them. It's solidly built and bolts onto the existing rear reflector bracket. The light is very bright (possibly because the batteries are new) and gives that extra bit of visibility now that we're getting into winter time.

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      Brompton rear light

      Great light, fits well in place of the reflector. Not tried to open yet.

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      Renewing the batteries

      I just cannot find out how to take it apart to put new batteries in. At least from this site I discovered. Triple A were the thing.

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      Hard to install

      Great neat tight light that works well but is somewhat difficult to install. Mine went on in place of the reflector. Taking the old one off was easy. Installing this replacement light was the devil's own. Couldn't get my fingers into the place, couldn't get a spanner into the gap, dropped the bolt, dropped the other bolt, tried again, dropped them again, lay in the dark for a bit, then had a second go. Long nosed pliers plus patience and determination won out in the end. I hope changing the battery when this needs to be done isn't as complex.

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      Brompton battery powered LED rear light

      Brompton battery powered LED rear light

      Rear light - 2xAAA battery powered - from Brompton by Spanninga

      This light is discontinued - and replaced by this one

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