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Brompton Spanninga Solo battery powered LED rear light



Rear light - 2xAAA battery powered - from Brompton by Spanninga - model Solo

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Brompton battery powered rear light

This light fits Brompton folding bikes fitted with a rack as well as those without - it simply replaces the rear reflector (and has a reflector built into the light)

New for Brompton in December 2018 - the Brompton Spanninga Solo battery operated rear light

The Brompton battery powered rear light is made for Brompton by Dutch company Spanninga

It is a very slimline single LED rear lamp with integral reflector

The light stays fixed to the bike. The lamp simply replaces the reflector - held in place with 2 bolts (50mm spacing)

Two modes:
Built in reflector

The on / off button is on the bottom of the light

Complies to BS (British Standard) 6102 and 6103

Why is there no flashing mode?
There is no flash mode on this light - we think it's because it is made by Spanninga in Holland - and in Holland (and Germany) flashing lights are not legal on bicycles
Additionally - for a bicycle light to meet British Standards (as this one does) then it must be steady with no flashing function available (look at any CatEye light package - it says if used in UK it must be used in conjunction with a British Standard lamp)

About the mounting brackets / fixings:

If you have a rack fitted then the brackets holding the reflector will hold the light - unless its a really old tubular rack which will require rack mounting brackets and for you to drill a hole in the rack

If you don't have a rack - then you can use the "Y" shaped bracket (mounted on the rear brake caliper) which holds on the rear reflector

Note: The light actually fits 50mm and 80mm mounts
Brompton use 50mm but the ones we have received so far are set as 80mm - so you may need to change them - this is done by

  • unclipping the front - as when changing batteries
  • wiggling the mounting bolts loose
  • sliding the mounting bolts out
  • sliding into the required fitting
  • press firmly until they click into place

The light comes with two washers and two nyloc washers so it will stay secure on the bike


Batteries (2 x AAA) are included
Batteries are changed by unclipping the lens from the main unit - no tools required

Looking for a similar light but rechargeable?

The 2C permanent (slightly more expensive) from Busch and Muller is a reflector / rear light compatible with the Brompton fittings - but rechargeable using a USB cable - see the related items / accessories at the bottom of the page

The Brompton rear light can mount to the R-type (with mudguards and rack), L-type (with mudguards) or E-type (no mudguards or rack) - i.e. it is compatible with all Brompton models - it just replaces the rear reflector and adds a lamp functionality

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100055
Brompton Q part code: QVBATRLAM-SOLO
Brompton part number: 9020447

We made this short video about the difference between the old and the new Brompton light and how to install it


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Brompton Spanninga Solo battery powered LED rear light

Brompton Spanninga Solo battery powered LED rear light

Rear light - 2xAAA battery powered - from Brompton by Spanninga - model Solo

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by a guest
    on 05/04/2019
    I don't understand why Brompton fit this lamp to rear-rack-free (ie L-type in old parlance) Bromptons: the low lightbar is badly obscured by the brake and mudguard thus making the cyclist vulnerable to negligence claims in a collision.Have you considered selling the Duxo (AA version of same lamp) which has light bar at top.....that is what I use. The reflector is of course then partially obscured, but reflectors are lightweight so I fitted another one elsewhere for undeniable legality.Regards Answer:
    That is a good question - we heard a rumour that Brompton will be changing light - maybe that is the reason (The B+M 2C that we prefer gives better light)
  • Asked by Steve
    on 13/05/2019
    I have the old version and just replaced batteries, any idea why it has the following lighting modes : press button = ON press button again = 3 flashes press button again = 1 flash press button again = OFF then repeat Answer:
  • Asked by Huw Price
    on 09/11/2020
    Great Video, thanks. What tool is used to get the lamp off? Park rachet?? Answer:
    The Spanninga Solo light fits onto the Brompton reflector / light bracketIt's held in place with two nuts which need an 8mm spanner to remove / tighten

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