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Brompton 500LM Front Light with mounting bracket



Brompton 500LM Front Light with mounting bracket

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Brompton 500LM Front Light

Brompton and CatEye have collaborated to bring you a powerful front light and mount specifically for Brompton folding bikes!

First - a short history ...... which is getting longer

In 2016 Brompton started working with Cateye to offer some new lights, including the Volt 300 (so named as it has an output of 300 lumens) - which fitted to the front fork with a special bracket (included)

In 2018 it was updated to a brighter light output of 400 lumens - this one

Note: This is different to the CatEye VOLT 400XC - which comes with a rubber mounting bracket for attaching to the handlebars

In 2021 (for the 2022 model and delayed by the pandemic) came this light the Brompton 500LM- now (as its name suggests) slightly brighter at 500 lumens

So - what do you get .....?

This means that as a Brompton owner you now have the USB rechargeable Volt 400 front light as an option (as it's rechargeable you won't have to be constantly changing / buying batteries) - this is the front light set, though it should probably more correctly be called a front light kit

The front light set (including bracket and handlebar reflector) is suitable for any style of Brompton bike - it fits to the front forks (where the reflector was fitted) so doesn't interfere with the fold

Why does having a light that works with the fold matter?

It's easy to mount a light to the handlebars - but often the light will need to be removed for folding, or hit the forks (scratching paint - and we talk from experience here) or spokes, sometimes stopping the front catch from catching, meaning when you pick the bike up your bike the handlebars pop out of the catch

We've checked it with various bags (Brompton front luggage options) and the light is nice and visible even with a bag fitted

What is in the box?

  • 500 Lumens Brompton / CatEye light - USB rechargeable - Brompton Branded
  • Front reflector for mounting to handlebars (as this set replaces the front reflector with your new light)
  • USB charging cable
  • Front light bracket (you will need to remove the brake caliper to fit this)
  • Installation / fitting instructions

Note: about the Front Light bracket: This bracket is compatible with the CatEye Volt and CatEye AMPP range of lights - so if you lose the Brompton 500 LM you could replace it with an AMPP 500 (for example)

Colour: Black (with silver / black mounting bracket)

Installation can be slightly fiddly - as the bracket installation requires undoing of the front brake calliper (nothing too serious) with a 10mm spanner

Just to show that installation is not to difficult - we made a short installation video on the installation of the CatEye Volt 400 - the procedure is the same for the 500 LM version

Compatible with all Brompton folding bikes including short wheelbase and B75 models

Old Brompton Q part code: QVFLAMVOLT400-SET
Old Brompton part number: 9016785
Old Brompton Q part code: QVFLAMVOLT300-SET
Old Brompton part number: 9002139

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