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Brompton brake pad inserts (pair)



Pair of replacement Brompton brake pad inserts

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Brompton brake pad inserts

This is a pair of replacement brake pads (inserts only) for the Mk3 (2008 onwards) Brompton brake callipers

These brake pad inserts are not currently at Brompton - this could be due to the change to new 2018 brake blocks - you can get the Fibrax equivalent brake pad inserts here

Some Brompton brake pad / caliper history:

As of 2017 the current Brompton brake calipers - Mk3 - are a bronze(ish) colour - they were introduced in 2008/2009. In addition there are black edition calipers which are also available on the after-market.

Initially, Bromptons made after that time used Fibrax brake shoes (also a bronze(ish) colure which have exchangeable pads (meaning you can change the pad and keep the holder - saving some money).

In approx 2016, the brake shoes/holders were changed for black ones - in our opinion they look better on the Black calipers than they do on the bronze ones.

Previous to the Mk3 bronze coloured (and black edition) brake calipers - they were silver. These didn't have replaceable pads, a new shoe and pad were required when the brakes wore out.

Please note: This is just the rubber pad, not the holder / shoe.

Since 2016 the brake pads are "handed" so marked with L-Left and R-Right

Note: If you have older (silver as opposed to light bronze colour) brake calipers without fibrax pads, you will need the pads AND holders (they are compatible) - found here

If you have the newer Black brake shoes on your brake calipers - these are the also the replacement pads for you.

The worn out Brompton brake pad-insert is removed by using a 2mm allen key to loosen an allen bolt, then sliding out the brake pad Insert.

The new brake pad insert is then slid into place and the allen bolt re-tightened.

Replacing just the pad (rather than the pad and holder) saves some money compared to having to buy a complete pad and holder set.

Tools required: 2mm Allen Key

Brompton Q part code: QBRPADINSERT
Brompton part number: 9029013

Another note:
These brake pads are (since 2016) no longer the pads manufactured by Fibrax - details of the pre-2016 pads are shown below:
Made in: Wrexham in the UK
Fibrax pads are tested in accordance with CEN 14764
Fibrax part number: ASH410-BR

These are cartridge insert brake pads compatible with the Shimano type road caliper system used on Brompton folding bicycles 

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Elane brookes
    on 30/01/2022
    hello i've got a brompton electric and i need new brake pads can you tell me please what you have that will fit thanks john brookes Answer:
    We would recommend the SwissStop Flash Pro BXP road brake pads 2 pairs (4 pads), link as follows:
  • Asked by Jo Halford
    on 23/05/2022
    I have a brompton explore which came with a spare set of brake pad inserts. I have just replaced the originals and now would like to replace the spares (just the inserts) Which can I use, You don't seem to have what I need? Answer:
    The replacement pads we would recommend are the SwissStop Flash Pro BXP road brake pads 2 pairs (4 pads), link as follows:

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