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Brompton chain 98 Links 3/32 inch with PowerLink



Brompton 98 link replacement chain for 3 speed Brompton with a 50 tooth chain ring or 2 / 6 speed Bromptons with a 44 tooth chain ring

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Brompton 98 link chain

Which Brompton is this chain for?

This chain is used on a standard 3 speed Brompton folding bike (with 50 tooth front chain ring) with either the 13T or 14T rear sprocket

This chain is also used on a 2 speed or 6 speed Brompton folding bike with reduced gearing (44 tooth front chain ring) where the largest rear sprocket is 16 tooth (used on the two speed and BWR 6 speed wheels) or 15 tooth (as used on the old Sachs/SRAM 6 speed rear wheel)

The chain comes complete with SRAM PowerLink for easy chain joining

The table below shows all the chain ring / sprocket / chain combinations. Having the correct length is important - it will help stop the chain jumping off when folding (as the chain tensioner keeps it correctly taut)

If you are changing your chain we also recommend changing the sprocket(s) - changing just the chain will result in the chain wearing quicker and the chain may also slip on the old sprocket(s) when under load.

The chain is marked: SRAM PC-10

Tools Required:

To remove your old chain you could need a chain tool (it depends upon whether the old chain had a powerlink) - this will destructively remove all chains, or a pair of master link pliers (to remove the PowerLink to split the chain)

Brompton Q part code: QCHAIN098DR
Old Brompton Q part code: QCHAIN98DR
Brompton part number: 9022038

Brompton chain length summary

ChainringOne Rear SprocketTwo Rear Sprockets
54 tooth12 or 13t100 Links12/16t, 13/16t or 13/15t102 Links
50 tooth13t or 14t98 Links12/16t, 13/16t or 13/15t100 Links
44 tooth12t, 13t or 14t96 Links12/16t, 13/16t or 13/15t98 Links

We made this short video to help choose the right size / length of chain, how to remove your existing chain and how to install a new chain on a Brompton folding bike

Historical note:

Originally the Brompton chains with 3/32" width were just for Bromptons fitted with a derailleur (hence the Q part code suffix of DR).

Later Brompton models (approx 2012 onwards) started using a stepped in rear sprocket on all models, regardless of whether it was a single rear sprocket or derailleur with double sprocket

Packaged weight: 270/271g

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