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Brompton SILVER crankset - 44T (excl. BB)



44 tooth Brompton crank set - silver

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Brompton 44T spider crank set

This is a replacement 44 tooth Brompton crank set complete with both left and right hand crank, chainring and crank bolts - packaged in a nice box

Note: The bottom bracket is NOT included and if you are upgrading from the old fixed crankset then this should also be changed

Why is the bottom bracket important?

The older Brompton chain sets used a square taper bottom bracket with a fitting known as ISO - International Standards Organisation

The newer spider chain set still uses a square taper bottom bracket but it's slightly different! The spider chain set uses a JIS - Japanese International Standard - bottom bracket

JIS has become pretty much the standard due to the dominance of Shimano in the bicycle component market

The new Brompton "Spider" crankset was introduced on new Brompton bicycles at the beginning of 2013.

In 2015 it was also made available to the after-sales market (i.e. as an upgrade to older bikes - it is compatible with all Brompton bicycles)

The "spider" crankset has a few advantages over the older fixed crankset:

The chainring protector:

The chainring protector is a plastic guard and stops your trousers / long skirt from rubbing against the potentially dirty / greasy chainring.

This is now held on with screws rather than plastic lugs (which is how the older version was held on). This means it is less liable to falling off, and easier to replace if necessary.

The chainring:

The chainring is the big cog / sprocket at the front which you push around with the pedals to power the bike

With the new spider chain set, the chain ring can now be changed without the need to replace the crank as well 

This chainring is held on with five chainring bolts

This means you need to change less if:
1/ You wear out the chainring and need to replace it (over time it will wear out)
2/ You want to change the gearing of your bike (moving to this 44 tooth chainring from a 50 tooth one for example will reduce the gearing and make it easier to climb hills)
3/ Fashion dictates that you want to change from silver to black!

The cranks:

The cranks are the connector between the bottom bracket and the pedals

The spider cranks have better protection of folding pedal to stop it scratching the frame. There is a notch on the back of each crank, preventing the folding pedal from going back too far and scratching the frame.

Crank length 170mm
Brompton logo on cranks 

A standard 3 or 6 speed Brompton comes with a 50 tooth front chain ring - changing to 44 teeth will reduce the gearing by approx 14%

Tools required:

For old crankset (pre-spider version) removal:
Crank bolt wrench - CCW-5, to remove the crank bolts
Crank puller - CCP-22, to remove the cranks from the bottom bracket
Bottom bracket removal tool - BBT-4 for FAG style or BBT-22 for Shimano style

For newer crankset (spider version) removal:
8MM allen key, to remove the crank bolts
Crank puller - CCP-22, to remove the cranks from the bottom bracket

For crankset installation:
8mm allen key, to fix the cranks

Note: If you are changing gearing, then you will also need to change the chain size and will need a new chain or a chain tool to do that

Brompton 2020 Q part reference: Q101394
Brompton Q part code: QCRANKSET-SPI-44
Brompton part number: 9020133

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