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Brompton rear frame clip retro fit kit - WITH quick release clamp



The rear frame clip stops your Brompton bike folding automatically when you pick it up.

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Brompton rear frame clip retro-fit kit

The rear frame clip was originally introduced by Brompton in 2007. It stops your Brompton from automatically folding each time you pick it up (such as for going up or down a short set of steps)

This kit is designed to retro-fit to pre-2007 model Bromptons adding the improved functionality - one of the best upgrades available for early model Brompton folding bikes

If your bike folds automatically when you pick it up - you probably want this - we think it's the best Brompton upgrade out there!

It clips the rear triangle in an unfolded position, to stop the bike folding automatically when picked up 

Note For bikes (pre-2007) with 8mm rather than 6mm bolt on the seatpost quick release

Even if you have a quick release on the seatpost, it is a different diameter (8mm) - so you need the new quick release in order for the rear frame kit to fit (it's now 6mm - so the old clamp is not compatible with the rear frame clip alone)

Here is a Brompton video showing what it does and how to fit it.

The rear frame clip assembly can be set in latch mode or non-latch mode.

In latch mode the clip automatically engages with the rear frame when it's unfolded, so that the rear frame / wheel doesn't fold when your Brompton is lifted.

In non-latch mode the clip can't engage, leaving the rear frame free to fold and allowing easier parking (so great for those who liked having no catch but maybe share the bike with someone who does!)

To switch between the two modes, you simply rotate the suspension block (this has to be done with the clip disengaged).

Tools required:
Adjustable spanner (for removal of seat clamp nut)
Cross head screwdriver 
We also recommend that you put grease on the bold which runs through the rear suspension block (or it will squeak as you ride / pedal) 

The instructions on how to install this on your Brompton are inside the packaging

Brompton part number / part number history

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q102084
Brompton Pre-2020 Q part code: QRFCLIP-RETKIT
Brompton part number: 9040179 

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