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Brompton Handlebar catch assembly



This replacement Brompton handlebar catch assembly comes complete with spring, nipple and fasteners.

It is used in the final part of the fold ... Let the handlebar stem drop, and be caught / clamped securely.

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Brompton handlebar catch

In 2003 Brompton introduced a new handlebar catch, which has to be used in conjunction with a new nipple. Both are supplied as part of this kit. The new catch is also fitted with a spring.

This is one of the "Brompton Essentials" - a part necessary to keep your Brompton folding as it should.

In a properly set up Brompton, the final part of the fold should be to undo the clamp holding the stem into place and the handlebar assembly will drop down and clip into the catch automatically.

It's made of a tough plastic/nylon material - sometimes over time this can become brittle and break. (Breakage is also more likely if it;s not quite set in the right position to allow a clean fold)

The kit comprises:

Handlebar catch / clip

Nipple (which fits into and in held in place by the clip)

Washers (serrated star washer goes at bottom and flat washer at top)

Mounting bolt / screw (fixes the handlebar catch into the top of the front fork) - torque setting 9NM

Fitting and adjustment instructions are also included.

Tools required: 6mm allen key / hex wrench

The handlebar catch is one of the many items shared between the Brompton Electric and the standard Brompton

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q102067
Brompton Q part code: QHBCA
Brompton part number: 9040001 

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Brompton andlebar catch assembly

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