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Brompton lower stop disc set - MK 3 - QLSDA



Brompton lower stop disc set - MK 3 - QLSDA

The rear stop disc stops your Bromptons front wheel from unhooking itself from the chainstay tube when you pick it up.

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Brompton lower stop disc

The lower stop disk keeps the rear wheel locked in place in conjunction with the seat post when the Brompton is folded

Compatibile with:
  • Brompton Electric
  • B75
  • Pre 2020 model Brompton folding bikes
  • C Line
  • A Line
Not compatible with:
  • Brompton P Line
  • Brompton T Line

Using the thread / locknut it can be adjusted to get the optimal position 

If the gap between the seatpost and lower stop disc is too small, then the seatpost will catch / rub on the lower stop disc when raised lowered

if the gap between the seatpost and the lower stop disc is too big then the frame hook (on the front forks) which keeps the bike folded may come un-hooked when you pick up the folded Brompton. We have found this doesn't happen too much. What tends to happen more is that the locknut works loose and the lower stop disk falls off!

The lower stop disc (or LSD) assembly supplied here is a Mk 3 type (we have never actually seen a Mk1 or Mk2 - as the Mk3 has been around for such a long time)

It can be used equally well as a replacement on your bike already fitted with a Mk 3 type as on a bike fitted with a Mk 2 type

The Lower Stop Disk assembly (LSDA) consists of the following parts:

  • Plastic lower stop disc  (with thread)
  • Washer
  • Nut
  • Bolt

(These parts are supplier pre-assembled)

The kit also comes complete with:

  • a flat washer
  • a split washer
  • a concave washer

(in case you lost yours from the rear brake caliper)

Brompton 2020 Q part code: 102074
Brompton Q part code: QLSDA
Brompton part number: 9040070 

See the downloads section below for instructions

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Lower Stop Disc Data Sheet

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