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Brompton front carrier block



The Brompton front carrier block / luggage mounting block allows you to attach Brompton luggage items (bags) to the front of your bike

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Brompton luggage block

The Brompton front carrier block / mounting block is one of our best selling and most useful must have Brompton accessories (in fact - we always thought it should be standard on all Bromptons - then in 2021 it was made standard on the Brompton C Line - and can be fitted to the A Line / P Line)

The Brompton front carrier block attaches to the pre-made fittings on the head tube at the front of your Brompton and then allows you to quickly and easily attach and detach Brompton luggage (bags)

It's made of heavy duty plastic, black in colour and comes with fill fitting instructions

The carrier block is essential if you are using Brompton luggage - carrying bags on the front of the Brompton is easy and minimises any effect on bike handling

Carrying a bag mounted to the front of the bike takes less rider energy than carrying your stuff in a rucksack.

The carrier block comes as a kit that you need to install - as shown in our lead picture - it's pretty easy to do. 

Tools required for installation of the Brompton Front Carrier Block Assembly

4mm Allen key / hex wrench - tighten to 4.5Nm
Cross head pozidrive screwdriver
2.5mm Allen key / small flat head screwdriver - to remove blanking grub screws if present.

Brompton Front Carrier Block Frequently Asked Questions

What weight can I carry using the Brompton front carrier block?

Brompton say that you should not exceed 10kg of front luggage

Bear in mind that the total weight carried by the bike should not exceed 110Kg - including the rider, the front carrier luggage and any rear rack luggage

Will this fit on my Brompton Electric?

Short Answer: No

The Brompton Electric uses a different front carrier block which also contains the electronic controller for the bike. The block and bags are different

Will this fit on my Brompton B75?

Short Answer: Yes

Since 2021 all Brompton folding bikes come as standard with a front carrier block pre-fitted - with the exception of the B75, but this can be fitted later to allow the carrying of the Brompton range of luggage

Will this fit on my Brompton T Line?

Short Answer: No

The T Line uses a different front carrier block mount - it is fundamentally the same but with longer mounting bolts
The Brompton code for the T Line front carrier block is: Q102716

I am trying to fit this but the screws are too big for the holes on the frame

Short Answer: You need to remove two grub screws before fitting the block

When the Brompton is manufactured and prepared for painting, two grub screws are installed where the front carrier block fits to

This means that when the bike is painted the two holes are not filled with paint

These two grub screws then need to be removed - using a 2.5mm Allen key / hex wrench - as part of the front carrier block installation

How do Brompton describe the front carrier block?

This is the block as described below by Brompton:

Quote: Brompton front luggage options are based on the Brompton 'Front Carrier System'. Luggage is attached via a frame that latches securely onto a tapered block. It takes a second to attach or release your bag and the load is attached directly to the main frame - with little effect on steering.

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q101744
Brompton Q part code: QFCBA
Brompton part number: 9030002 


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Brompton front carrier block

Brompton front carrier block installation instructions

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Data sheet

Comm Code87149990
Handlebar Type:All
Luggage typeCarrier block