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Brompton Saddle Height Insert



Brompton Saddle Height Insert allows you to pre-set the height your seatpost will rise to when unfolding the bike.

Supplied as standard with all new Brompton bicycles and now available as a retro-fit option for pre-2015 Bromptons

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Brompton Saddle Height Insert

The Brompton Saddle Height Insert was a new addition to 2015 model Brompton folding bikes, but like so much in the Brompton design world is backwards compatible

We think this is one of the best enhancements / retrofit options to the Brompton - along with the rear frame clip.

Note: If you are sharing one Brompton with multiple riders, it's not quite so useful!

What is the saddle height insert for?

The purpose of the saddle height insert is to help you set your preferred saddle height - a bit like having a memory seat function in your car - but low-tech!

When you raise the seatpost as part of the unfold operation, the saddle height insert stops it lifting up too far - to a height pre-set by you

This means that you have to spend less time in pre-ride adjustment when unfolding the bike - one quick lift of the saddle / post and you are ready to go

The insert comes as standard to all new (2015 onwards) Brompton folding bikes 

Free with new Brompton folding bikes

The saddle height insert is supplied free with all new Brompton bicycles - since 2015 - so an alternative to this upgrade would be to invest in a new Brompton bike :-)

Note: we don't fit with a new bike - it takes time for you to get to know your preferred riding height - once you have determined that, then you should fit it

Designed in-house at Brompton and patented, the saddle height insert is designed to make your Brompton riding life just that little bit easier

Fitting instructions for the height insert sleeve can be found on the download section of this page and come with it too

Tools required for installation:
5mm hex / allen key
Marker pen / tipex / masking tape
Scissors / knife

There is also an instructional seat height insert installation video on Youtube from Brompton - see below.

Brompton Q part code: QSP-HTINSERT
Brompton part number: 9000630



Repeat your extension.

Simple and clever way to ensure you achieve same saddle height each time Brompton is unfolded and ride readied.
No more fiddling, extend align saddle and clamp.
Easy to set up and fit by following the clear instructions.
You will appreciate the time saved to do more riding.


    Effective but really??

    Usual fantastic service from Brilliant Bikes. The Saddle Height insert is easy to install, and works very well, allowing me to get riding much quicker and with less chance of a comedy bike fit. I've adjusted it (cut more off = higher) since, as I was conservative in my setting - you can't stick it back on!

    My only gripe is the usual ridiculous Brompton price - is it the cardboard tube? Otherwise, it's a piece of plastic...


      Essential Retro Fit

      It is often said that the simple things are the best - well, this proves it. If you are fed up of marking the seat post and/or setting the wrong seat height, then this is for you.
      Just buy it, fit it and go, and go, and go .....
      Only downside is that the price is a bit high for what is essentially a plastic tube, but hey, the benefits far outweigh this minor niggle.


        Brilliant addition to the Brompton spares!

        Makes unfolding the bike even quicker!


          Great idea

          I was talking to someone at work that I need to mark the seat post as it is a nuisance getting the height right. then I saw this it makes it so much easier. delivered straight away as always


            Excellent little device

            This little plastic insert is just brilliant


              Excellent bit of kit

              This is really easy to fit and takes the guesswork out of setting the saddle height. If you have a Brompton you absolutely must get this, I cannot recommend highly enough


                free at Brompton Junction

                This item can be obtained for free at London Brompton Junction (Long Acre)


                  Sitting comfortably

                  Someone must have been listening to me complain about my regular dismounting and mounting following unfolding my Brompton. If you are a regular cyclist you get used to your seat being at the right height, within about a 5mm tolerance. If you are unfolding your bike several times in a journey it does become annoying when you set off and then realise it's not quite right. Anyway, this 'insert' from Brompton solves this problem so I should be able to look forward to shaving not only my legs but a few seconds off my journey times.


                    It's cheap, easy to fit and effective

                    A great solution to the perennial problem of setting the seat height.


                      Handy addition

                      I saw this by chance and as it was so cheap decided to purchase one. I was not disappointed as I no longer need to think about how far to pull the seat up. This is such a simple design and you'll wonder how you survived so long without it. Fitted within 15 minutes, with detailed instructions included, it really is useful. The only problem that I could foresee is if your Brompton is used by someone, other than you, with longer legs! Not a problem for me as I am the lone rider.

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                      Brompton Saddle Height Insert

                      Brompton Saddle Height Insert

                      Brompton Saddle Height Insert allows you to pre-set the height your seatpost will rise to when unfolding the bike.

                      Supplied as standard with all new Brompton bicycles and now available as a retro-fit option for pre-2015 Bromptons

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                        Answered questions

                      • Asked by Tim
                        on 16/01/2019
                        Is this item compatible with the titanium seatpost (now discontinued) that Brompton used to fit to the superlight model? Answer:
                        Yes - we believe so
                      • Asked by Brian Hindley
                        on 26/03/2021
                        Hi, do you have to use the height insert, or is it safe enough to use the extended post at it's longest? Many thanks Answer:
                        No the saddle height insert is to make the saddle to the right height for you, without having to make adjustments when you ride each time. It is not a safety device. Please find a link to use and installation as follows:



                      Brompton Saddle Height Insert

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