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Brompton 3 speed axle nuts/washers for STURMEY ARCHER hub



Brompton axle nuts and washers for STURMEY ARCHER 3 speed hub

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Brompton Sturmey Archer hub - fixing kit

This set of nuts and washers includes tab washers for alloy shell Sturmey Archer wheels, as well as alloy shell chain indicator nut (the one with the hole drilled in the side) and chain tensioner nut / washer

Compatible wheels (with the complete set):

Brompton BSR - Standard Ratio - 3 speed wheel
Brompton BWR - Wide Ratio - 3 speed wheel (as used on 6 speed bikes)

Technical notes:

Tab Washers:
This pack comes with two tab washers
If you are just after the tab washers - they are Sturmey Archer code HMW526 and available individually

Axle nuts:
These must only be used on Sturmey Archer hubs, if used on SRAM/Brompton single or two speed hubs they may start to fit then strip the thread -  so don't do it!

Chain tensioner / gear indicator nut:
(This is the nut with a hole in the side)
Later hubs (normally with alloy shell) use the longer (19.5mm) nut - included in this set
The difference may be small - but it is essential to use the right one.

Note: On pre-2003 Sturmey Archer hub (with steel shell) there was a shorter (16.9mm) nut - since 2017 this is no longer included in the pack

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q101669
Brompton Q part reference: QRW3NB-SA
Brompton part number: 9025084 

Note: just for history purposes, we have left the older pictures of the packs which used to contain tab washers for older 5 speed bikes and gold nuts / washers

Colour: Silver

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Jonathan
    on 30/06/2019
    Hi. Would you have an indicator nut for a year 2000 3 Speed steel shell hub or know who might have one. Thanks Answer:
  • Asked by Jasper Warwick
    on 27/09/2021
    My Brompton chain tensioner nut for 3 speed STURMEY ARCHER ( QCTN3-SA[1]) snapped whilst taking off the wheel. I can see loads of replacements for post 2004 bikes but none for pre 2004 bikes (like mine) on your store or any other store. Is there a problem with this part (no longer made) or is there another compatible part I can use? I dont want to replace the rear whell just because a £5 part is not availible! Any advice?Thanks Answer:
    I am so sorry, these have been discontinued, we looked at having them made but the costs just did not work out, I am so sorry.



Rear hub bits - Sturmey Archer

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