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Brompton hub gear trigger, 3 speed - Sturmey Archer and SRAM



Brompton Gear trigger, 3 speed - works with both Sturmey Archer and SRAM 3 speed hub gears

Pre-2017 model

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Pre-2017 Brompton 3 speed trigger

Brompton three position hub gear trigger - compatible with both the Sturmey Archer and SRAM 3 speed hub gear systems.

Made from black plastic and embossed with "Brompton"

Known as the "rabbit" shifter due to it's long ears!

Compatible with older Brompton folding bikes with High rise M-type / H-type / P-type and S-type handlebars

Complete with assembly / installation instructions.

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q101171
Brompton Q Part code: QGTRIGB3A
Brompton part number: 9011148

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by a guest
    on 05/03/2019
    Hello, What is the caompatible cable for this gear trigger? Thank you Best Answer:
    This gear trigger is for the pre-2017 cables - QGCAB3SA-x. Where x is related to the handlebar type. M, H, P or S are the most common
  • Asked by alex
    on 02/08/2019
    Will this fit a 2003 Brompton with the three speed hub? Answer:
    Yes - this will work with all 3 speed Brompton hubs
  • Asked by Andy
    on 11/12/2020
    Hello,I have a 3 speed Brompton and would like to move the gear trigger lever from the current position (left side) to the right side of the handle bar to mirror the position on a 6 speed. Is this possible or do I need to change the gear cable length and will the gear selector still work in the correct manner ie, low speed, gear selector lever at the bottom, high speed, gear selector lever at the top.RegardsAndy Answer:
    Yes, this will work fine for your Brompton
  • Asked by John
    on 10/04/2021
    Would I need to order a cable for this or does it come with one, if not could you please let me know which one, I have a m3r short wheel base 1996 model. Thanks Answer:
    No the gear trigger does not come with a gear cable, this is because there are so many options for cables based on the handle bar types. The ones that you really want have been discontinued (, so you will need to order the following It will be about 3 cm too long, which we have found to be fine - if you are a perfectionist you can cut it down. This is assuming that you have a Sturmey Archer not SRAM hub!
  • Asked by Paul Railton
    on 29/07/2021
    Hi. Just a quick question. I need to replace a small stainless steel countersunk, allen bolt, on my Brompton. The bolt in question, is the clamp bolt that clamps the Brompton three speed shifter to the handlebar.The countersunk bolt has APL A2-70 on it. It is about 15mm long and 10mm wide at the head.Is there a service kit available for the previous style three speed shifter (odd looking two trigger)?. Or will I have to buy a complete new, older style shifter?.Many thanks for taking the time to read my email. Yours, Paul. Answer:
    So sorry, Brompton do not supply the individual bits, so yes you would need a new shifter, or how about popping to a hardware store with the old bolt?
  • Asked by a guest
    on 26/03/2022
    Hello, I'm replacing my handlebars and the clip for the 3 speed gear selector isn't removable. Does this include the clip for attaching to handlebars - is this part available separately, if not am I better buying the Sturmey Acrcher model HSJ762.0001.OP. Answer:
    The trigger should just slide of the end. Yes this product has the fittings and the instructions

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