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Brompton Ortlieb O-bag - Black



Brompton Ortlieb waterproof O bag - keeping your valuables safe and dry

Colour: Black

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Handlebar type:All
Luggage typeO-Bag

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Black Brompton Ortlieb O Bag

The Brompton Ortlieb bag, known as the O bag was initially introduced in 2010. It was the first collaboration between Brompton and German company Ortlieb - the most respected name in waterproof cycle luggage - just the job for the wet British weather.

The O Bag is designed with an integral fitting for fixing to the Brompton front carrier block. This allows you to quickly mount / remove the bag onto / off of your bike

This is the latest (redesigned in) 2016 model bag (with a more refined Brompton logo)

Note: The front carrier block is sold separately here.

Ortlieb has created this bag specifically to work with the Brompton front luggage system - so it's not really compatible with other bikes

The Brompton O bag comes with the finish and functionality you would expect from Ortlieb and is offered in a choice of colours:

Brompton O bag colour range:

Black / White
Black / Orange
Black / Lagoon Blue

New for 2017:

Black reflective

Brompton O-bag features:

On the outside:-

The O-bag is feature packed, starting with the carry handle mounted at the top of the bag - it's comfortable and has reflective braiding (which you only see at night) for greater low light visibility

The Brompton O bag comes supplied with a detachable shoulder strap (this should be removed when riding so that it doesn't catch on something causing rider injury)

Unlike other Brompton luggage, no rainproof cover is supplied - as it is not necessary due to the inherent waterproofness of the Ortleib design

There are two removable roll top bags (rolling the top makes them almost 100% waterproof) large enough for iPhone / keys etc which attach to the back of the bag

One of the roll top bags has the ability to clip on the shoulder strap (the same strap used for carrying the complete bag) - turning it into a neat waterproof purse / man bag - ideal for evening use when away travelling

The fixing for connecting to the front carrier block is an integral part of the bag (rather than using a detachable frame like other Brompton bags)

On the inside:-

The O-bag has a laptop sleeve at the rear of the bag for maximum protection - this is capable of taking a 15 inch laptop

A handy key clip allows you to use the bag as a key safe too - the key clip attaches with a fastener, so you can use it as a key ring

Zip up and velcro pockets allow for you to store items securely and in different pockets to keep your daily life organised


Capacity: 20 litres (approx)

Dimensions: 500 mm (w) x 300 mm (h) x 150 mm (d)

Brompton front luggage options are based on the Brompton 'Front Carrier System'. Luggage is attached via a frame that latches securely onto a tapered block. It takes a second to attach or release your bag and the load is attached directly to the main frame - with little effect on steering.

Brompton Q part code: QOB-BK[2]
Brompton part number: 9002177

Made in Germany

Brompton Ortlieb O-bag Compatibility: 

Brompton O bag handlebar compatibility - all types

The O Bag is compatible with all handlebar types - though when used on the S-type or straight / sports handlebar equipped Brompton you should not over-fill as this could interfere with the steering.

Looking for an independent review - check out this one from The Prudent Cyclist

Brompton O-bag colour history:

A final note - here is a list for anyone interested in the current and previous colour options for the Brompton Ortlieb O-bag. Some of the previous colours may still be available while stocks last.

Black (this one) was introduced in 2010 and updated for 2016 (the change - unless we missed something was the logo design, both Brompton and Ortlieb logos)

Orange was introduced in 2013 and updated for 2016, it is still part of the current colour range

White was introduced in 2013 and again, refreshed for 2016 and is part of the current range

Pink was introduced in 2010 and discontinued in 2013. In 2014 it was re-instated before being discontinued again in 2016)

Apple Green made a brief appearance after being introduced in 2014 and discontinued in 2016

Arctic blue was introduced in 2014, discontinued in 2016

Yellow was introduced in 2014, discontinued in 2016

Lagoon Blue was introduced in 2016 and is sill in the current product range 

Black reflective for added visibility at night was introduced in 2017 (the Mini O-bag had already been available for a few years by the time the full size version was launched)

Grey was introduced in 2017 - to match the grey frame colour option introduced a year earlier


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Brompton Ortlieb O-bag - Black

Brompton Ortlieb O-bag - Black

Brompton Ortlieb waterproof O bag - keeping your valuables safe and dry

Colour: Black

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