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Brompton SILVER front mudguard blade and flap



Brompton front mudguard blade including flap - silver

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Brompton front mudguard - SILVER

This is a replacement silver mudguard blade (in silver with two transparent stripes) made from plastic, and flap for attaching to the back of the mudguard

The mudguard flap (Brompton code QMGFLAPF) does a great job in increasing the efficiency of the mudguard in stopping spray coming up from the front wheel when riding

The mudguard attaches to the bike by using the brake caliper - through the mounting point on the mudguard, and an anchor plate which connects the flap, the mudguard stay and the mudguard blade together (at the rear of the blade)

Tip: If you want to avoid breaking your front mudguard / damaging the flap .... as you fold the bike, turn the handlebars to the left to stop it being caught by the back wheel as it folds under

The Brompton mudguard blade was updated for 2018 - to fit the new brake calipers - it is also compatible with pre-2018 calipers (the hole is now 8mm for the new caliper - previously it was 6mm)

What is not included:

Mudguard stays (which connect the mudguard to the front forks) are NOT included (you can find the front stay as a separate item) - the front stays are available in stainless steel or titanium

The mudguard no longer comes with the QMGSTAP - Mudguard Stay Anchor Plate for attaching the flap to the mudguard, so if you have broken the rear and lost the anchor plate then you will also need an anchor plate for attaching the rear flap to the mudguard blade

Instructions, however are included

Fitting the mudguard blade:

The flap is rolled up in the middle of the packaging and needs to be flattened and fitted when you receive it

You will need a 2.5mm allen key to fit the flap

Silver Brompton mudguard blade and flap specifications:

Colour: Silver (with 2 transparent lines)

Since late 2013, the Brompton mudguard is also available in Black or White in addition to the Silver (standard) mudguard. Please see the picture of all three for a comparison of colours (silver / this one is in the middle) 

We made this short video - on YouTube - to show you how to install front mudguard on your Brompton

Brompton Q part code: Q101034
Brompton old (pre-2022) Q part code: QMGBL-F-SV[2]
Brompton old (pre-2018) Q part code: QMGBL-F-SV
Brompton old (pre-2013) Q part code: QMGBL-F
Brompton old Q part code: QMGF
Brompton old (pre-2018) part number: 9017027
Brompton part number: 9007349
(The part number changed Jan 1 2012 and in 2014 - although the item is the same) 

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