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Brompton rear mudguard replacement flap



Genuine replacement Brompton flap for rear mudguard.

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Brompton rear mudguard flap

Brompton rear mudguard flap, complete with securing nut, bolt and washers

This is only a small part of the rear mudguard but plays a large part in keeping the water / dirt from spraying up your back (and following riders) when out in wet conditions

Embossed with the word "BROMPTON"

Please note: If you are replacing a flap on a post 2011 Brompton, then you will need to remove the rivet before installing the new flap and securing with the included nut and bolt.

Colour: Black - as used on Silver, Black and White mudguards (with silver washers / nut and bolt)

Tools required:

2.5 mm allen key / hex wrench
7 mm spanner (to secure the nut while you tighten the bolt with the allen key)

Brompton Q part code: QMGFLAPR
Brompton part number: 9017157 

The pack consists of:
1 x rear Brompton mudguard flap
1 x nut (goes on the underside of the mudguard) 
1 x bolt (goes through from the top of the mudguard)
2 x washers

Note: if you are fitting this flap to a Mk2 Brompton (pre-2000) which didn't have a flap it is best to shorten the flap to prevent it catching on the ground. The blade should be shortened (cut) 12 mm from the end of the blade. Then drill a hole 5mm in diameter as central as possible and 11mm from the new end of the blade as possible - good luck

We made this short video on replacing the mudguard flap



Excellent item, essential upgrade

My first cycling jacket was permanently stained by the Brompton stripe up the back of it, so if you have an older Brompton I would urge you to fit one of these. If you are a purist who likes originality in your old Brompton and don't like the idea of drilling a hole in your mudguard, console yourself with the fact that you are putting on something that will protect your old mudguard from chips and crack at its tip when you fold it up.

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Brompton rear mudguard replacement flap

Brompton rear mudguard replacement flap

Genuine replacement Brompton flap for rear mudguard.

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Brompton rear mudguard flap datasheet

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