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Brompton rear mudguard - BLACK - no rack version



This BLACK rear mudguard was introduced by Brompton in 2013 on the BLACK edition model

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Brompton BLACK rear mudguard

No rear rack? Need a new Brompton rear mudguard (maybe yours broke or is just looking very old)? - then this is it!
(not suitable for older Brompton which have a bottle style dynamo system)

Includes mudguard flap - which on these newer mudguards is riveted on (on the older mudguards the mudguard flap was held on with two bolts, which could sometimes work loose - resulting in the flap falling off and being lost forever)

This is a replacement mudguard blade and rear flap only, for a broken / damaged mudguard, although .....

If you are trying to add a complete rear mudguard to a bike which doesn't currently have one then you can do it by adding all of the following items:

QMGBL-RL-BK (this item) - Rear mudguard blade blade and flap.

QMGSRSET - Comprising the following:
. Rear mudguard stay set (three stays which connect using the QMGSTAP the frame - at the wheel nuts to the mudguard) - of course, if you want to save a couple of grams you can go for the titanium version (QMGSRSET-TI)
. QMGSTAP - Mudguard stay anchor plates (clamps the front stay to the mudguard)
. QMGROLA - Rear mudguard roller assembly (which connects the two rear stays to the mudguard and allows the bike to be rolled when folded)

Full fitting instructions are included - and if you would like to see them in advance, please click on our "contact us" page.

Colour: Black

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q101275
Brompton Q part code: QMGBL-RL-BK
Brompton part number: 9017300 

We made this short video about how to fit a Brompton rear mudguard (for bikes with no rack), as a follow up to a previous video on how to install a front mudguard

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  • Asked by Gareth
    on 18/08/2022
    Hi Brilliant bikesAre both the front and rear (no rack version) black mudguards that you sell compatible with my 2012 Brompton?Brompton rear mudguard - BLACK - no rack version Reference: QMGBL-RL-BKRegards,Gareth Answer:
    Yes, these are compatible with the 2012 Brompton

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