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Brompton right hand pedal, non-folding, aluminium cage



Replacement Brompton non folding right hand pedal (silver) with integrated reflectors.

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Brompton right hand non folding pedal - silver

Brompton right hand pedal (as you sit on the bike) - non-folding (it's the left hand one that folds) - silver (now also available in black)

Note: Scales not included

This aluminium caged pedal was introduced by Brompton in 2009 to replace the older plastic Right Hand pedal which had a habit of occasionally falling apart

The spindle even has some little detailing - a picture of an unfolded Brompton on one side and a folded Brompton on the other 

Note: The thread on the right hand pedal means that you do it up in the normal way - turn clockwise (or to the right if you don't wear a watch). This means that over time (as you pedal) the thread could become tighter and tighter - which may make it difficult to remove (that's why you should grease the pedal thread when installing it)

Tools required:


15mm thin spanner (preferably a pedal wrench / spanner to give good leverage as pedals can become screwed on pretty tight after years of hard pushing) for removal


6mm Allen key / hex red (accessed through the hole in the pedal crank) - apply some grease to the thread to make future removal easier


Installation method:

Hand tighten the pedal first before using a tool to fully tighten to make sure it is not cross threaded

The thread does up in the normal clockwise direction on this pedal if you are using a spanner, but if you are on the reverse side using an Allen key, this will be reversed

The pedal should be tightened to 30Nm

We made a short video on removal and installation of the Brompton non-folding pedal here:

Weight (for single pedal) 124g 

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100029
Brompton Q part code: QPEDRHBB
Brompton part number: 9019090 



Nice pedal

Good grip and nice looking, does the job


    Destroyed in a year

    6 miles/day on weekdays. Took the end cap off yesterday to see that the outer bearing had completely destoyed itself. Looked like it is all plastic inside? Had the original black plastic pedal for 13 years before it went. Looking for a more durable alternative.


      Much better than the plastic one.....

      This pedal is a much nicer contrast to the folding pedal than the old plastic one used to be. A bargain at the price.

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        Brompton right hand pedal, non-folding, aluminium cage

        Brompton right hand pedal, non-folding, aluminium cage

        Replacement Brompton non folding right hand pedal (silver) with integrated reflectors.

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        • Asked by Andrew
          on 06/01/2021
          Is this pedal tougher than the older style black plastic one? Answer:
          The newer - it's quite some years old now - aluminium version definitely seems to last longer than the old plastic version. It also has the nice touch of the Brompton logo

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