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Brompton rear carrier / rack set complete with mudguard - silver



If you have a E / L version Brompton (i.e. with no rack) or an early tubular steel rack, then this kit allows you to add the current Brompton rack

Colour: Silver

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Brompton rear rack - silver

New features were introduced in 2016 - new roller wheels mean that Eazy Wheels are no longer required for an enhanced rolling experience when folded! 

Note: Now also available in black - click here

The Brompton rear rack makes the bike more stable when folded, allows you to carry extra luggage on the rear, protects the rear mudguard and with the addition of Eazy Wheels - roll the bike easier when folded.

The rear carrier set comprises:

Rear rack (complete with rollers and bungee cord)
Rear mudguard and flap
Full detailed fixing instructions
Seat post bung (push fit version)
All the small things you need to fit this to your Brompton
The entire set in the packaging weighs approx 803g

Brompton Q part code: QRACKA
Old Brompton Q part code: (pre-2017) QRCA[2]
Old Brompton Q part code (pre-2016): QRCA
Brompton part number: 9003174
Old Brompton part number: (pre-2017) 9039012 

From 2017 - the Brompton rack is now also available in black



Good rack

It can be assembled easily and without removing the rear wheel by deflating it if you have the L version, leaving the right bolt of the mudguard inserted a little longer but without any problem.

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Excellent addition to an E or L

Even if your don't carry anything on the rack, the extra wheels make a much more stable platform for travelling. I tried to live without one on an M6L Brompton and couldn't stand how easily the bike tipped over when the train braked. Problem solved now. One minor niggle is that the inside wheel on the rack was not fitted with the correct number of washers which made it drag on the frame. It's easy to fix, but Brompton QC should have spotted it. Overall, an excellent investment for a commuter or touring Brompton.

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Brompton rear carrier / rack set complete with mudguard - silver

Brompton rear carrier / rack set complete with mudguard - silver

If you have a E / L version Brompton (i.e. with no rack) or an early tubular steel rack, then this kit allows you to add the current Brompton rack

Colour: Silver

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Fawzi Mohamed
    on 05/12/2018
    I am right in thinking that the only difference between this and the black version is the color, and that it comes with 4 weels (also the two for the middle frame)? Thank you very much Fawzi Answer:
    Hi, Yes - the only difference between the black rack and the silver one is the colour. Everything else is exactly the same. It comes with the two extra wheels for the middle frame to replace the standard ones (they are shown in the bottom right of the lead photo) Thanks for asking the question
  • Asked by Spen
    on 12/12/2018
    Can this rack be fitted to my Brompton? It was made in 1996 (I believe), using a much older iteration of the modern design. Answer:
    Hi, We THINK so - but to be totally honest we havent had one that old to try it on. If you were to purchase it and it didnt fit - we would pay the return postage (and refund) - as a leaning exercise
  • Asked by David
    on 16/02/2019
    Is there a version of this rack that will fit a Brompton Electric ? The bike has a rear light powered from the battery. Answer:
    Hi, in theory this rack would fit the Brompton Electric - except: The rack raises the bike off of the ground a bit, and with the added weight of the front wheel (with motor) it would make the bike unstable. Looking on the Brompton Electric owners page on facebook it seems a lot of people have added them with no problem.
  • Asked by Frank
    on 28/03/2019
    Hi, I have the same issue as Spen. My brompton is a 1989 model. Any news if the rack fitted his bike? Could I, in case a new rack doesn't fit, just have new rollers on the old rack? And, if so, which rollers could fit? I cqn send you some pics if necessary. Answer:
    Hi, the rack should fit OK - send us a couple of pictures and we can confirm
  • Asked by a guest
    on 30/04/2019
    from what material is the rack made Answer:
    The rack is made from metal
  • Asked by Satoshi Abe
    on 14/06/2019
    It would be my great pleasure if you let me know the shipping cost of these goods to Japan. Answer:
    Unfortunately we can not ship Brompton parts or accessories to Japan - this is part of our agreement with Brompton. You should be able to get this from a dealer in Japan
  • Asked by RM
    on 06/09/2019
    Is this rack set compatible with the Brompton B75? Answer:
    Yes - it will definitely fit the B75 Brompton
  • Asked by HWA YUEN HONG
    on 23/01/2021
    hello.this rear rack kit is same with 2021 brompton genuine R model?thank you. Answer:
    Yes, this is a genuine Brompton rack (complete with mudguard) and is the current model
  • Asked by Russell
    on 30/01/2021
    Can I fit this rear rack kit to a new Brompton L with dynamo? Answer:
    Yes this rack set can be fitted to a bike with a Dynamo light, the cable are just long enough.
  • Asked by simon
    on 02/03/2021
    I have SL6 version and added eazy wheels a while ago. If I fit a rack should I leave the front eazy wheels in place or switch them for the roller wheels that come with the post 2016 rack? Answer:
    We would recommend leaving the wheels in place.
  • Asked by roger
    on 04/03/2021
    I have a rear light /reflector 2C USB rechargeable (busch + müller) attached to my rear reflector bracket (no rack yet). If I got a rear rack can I fix the light to it or does it need a different bracket? Thanks Answer:
    Yes the 2C USB rechargeable (busch + müller) will fit fine onto the rack
  • Asked by charlie Mccay
    on 13/04/2021
    does this fit the electric brompton? Answer:
    Great question - yes this does fit the Brompton Electric .... but, it doesn't add the same amount of stability to the bike when folded as it does to the non-Electric version. The extra weight of the front wheel makes the bike less stable on the rack when compared to the non-Electric bike.
  • Asked by Mia
    on 10/06/2021
    I am a new Brompton Electric owner, I’m a bit uncertain about all the versions of Bromptons. Would this rearcarrier fit on my bike? Or is there another? Answer:
    Yes this would fit on the Brompton electric, however as they have black mudguards the black version may look nicer

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