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Brompton SACHS/SRAM 6-speed sprocket set 13/15



Brompton 6 speed sprocket set for SRAM / SACHS rear wheel

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Brompton sprocket stack (that's the cogs and spacers) for a SRAM / SACHS rear wheel

This sprocket stack should be used with a 3/32" chain (QCHAIN098DR on 44T front, QCHAIN100DR on 50T front and QCHAIN102DR on 54T front). We recommend changing the chain when changing the sprockets and vice versa.

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Contents of the packet

This set comprises the following kit for fixing to the Brompton / SRAM six speed rear wheel:

  • Chainguard
  • 15 tooth rear sprocket
  • Sprocket spacer
  • 13 tooth rear sprocket
  • Circlip

What's a Circlip?

According to Wikipedia: A circlip (a combination of circle and clip), also known as a C-ClipSeeger ringsnap ring or Jesus clip is a type of fastene or retaining ring consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into place, into a machined groove to permit rotation but to prevent lateral movement

In the case of a Brompton wheel, it is used to hold the sprocket set in place. This is quite useful as it means no special sprocket tool is required.

Brompton stack SR6 3/6 speed sprocket stack

The above picture shows the SRAM 6 speed procket stack laid out ready for installation

A sprocket installation datasheet is also included in the pack

How do I know it's a SRAM / SACHS rear wheel?

And what is a SACHS / SRAM rear wheel

In approx year 2000, and not related to the mythical millennium bug - Sturmey Archer (who were supplying Brompton rear wheels) went bankrupt - before later being taken over by Sunrace and renamed as Sunrace Sturmey Archer

So for a short period SACHS - a german manufacturer of hub gears - hubs were used on Brompton bikes. To further confuse the issue, during this period SACHS were taken over by SRAM (the US bicycle component manufacturer)

The SACHS rear wheel is clearly labelled on the non (opposite to sprockets) drive side of the hub

Brompton SACHS/SRAM rear wheel showing brand name

Brompton SACHS rear wheel showing manufacturer marking

Tools required:

  • Flat bladed screwdriver for removing / installing the circlip
  • 15mm spanner for rear wheel removal

Step 1 - Put on the plastic chainguard

The chainguard just slides over the driver and sits nice and snug against the spokes - it is not keyed. Hollow side against the hub

Sprocket set chainguard for Brompton SACHS wheel installed

Picture above shows chainguard fitted onto driver

Step 2 - install the larger - 15 tooth - sprocket

The sprocket set comes with two sprockets (the 6 speed combines a 3 speed internal hub gear and two sprockets to give a total of 6 gears)

The larger sprocket has 15 teeth, and is grey in colour (it is also available separately as well as part of this set as Brompton Q part code: QRSPR15DR - Brompton SACHS 15T sprocket)

It has an arrow on it showing which way it should be turning when the wheel is spinning (tip - this should be visible to you when the sprocket is slid onto the wheel / driver)

The driver has 3 grooves in it - which should be lined up to allow the sprocket to fit

Brompton SACHS 6 speed sprocket set - 15T sprocket installed

Picture above shows 15 tooth sprocket fitted onto driver

Step 3 - install the sprocket spacer

The sprocket spacer is 2.2mm wide and keeps the two sprockets the correct distance apart for the Brompton derailleur to function correctly

The spacer is not keyed

Brompton SACHS sprocket set with centre spacer installed

Picture above shows sprocket spacer fitted onto the driver

Step 4 - install the smaller - 13 tooth - sprocket

The smaller sprocket is the smaller in size, and is silver in colour. It also has a flange / step on it. This should be facing towards the hub of the wheel.

It is keyed so has to line up with the three grooves on the driver - like the 15 tooth sprocket

Brompton SACHS 6 speed sprocket set with 13T sprocket installed

Picture above shows 13 tooth sprocket fitted onto the driver

Step 5 - install the circlip

This is the trickiest part of the procedure

All of the sprocket set is now fitted and the circlip has to sit snugly in the groove near the outside of the diver. This is what holds the sprockets in place.

Prise the circlip onto the driver using a flat blade screwdriver - ensure it is sitting properly in the groove. There will be a 5mm-6mm gap where the circlip would otherwise join

Brompton SACHS sprocket set circlip installation

Picture above shows the circlip installed and sprocket set now ready

You are now ready to install the wheel and ride off into the sunset

This video from Brompton shows how to remove and re-install the sprocket set.

Brompton Q part code: QRSPRSTACK-SR6
Brompton part number: 9024216 

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