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Brompton Rollers - set of 2 - NO rack - showing wheels and fittings only View larger

Brompton Rollers - set of 2 - NO rack - QROLSET-LE



Pair of Brompton roller wheels - complete with fittings for Brompton bikes with no rack.

These are the new 2016 roller wheels

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Brompton Eazy wheels / rollers

In 2016 Brompton introduced this new set of rollers - these replace both the original conical roller (QROLM) and the Eazy Wheels half set (QEZWSET-NR) 

This is the 2 wheel roller set for bikes with no rack fitted, comprising the following:

  • 2 x forward roller wheels (replacing the older roller wheels) - which attach to the Brompton rear frame
  • 2 x Washers
  • 2 x Spacers
  • 2 x Bolts (M6 size)
  • Fitting instructions

The pack also contains the mudguard roller and fittings, and instructions for updating bikes with a rear mudguard (but no rack) fitted. (L type Bromptons) - these are not actually required if you have no rear mudguard.

Brompton Q part code: QROLSET-LE
Brompton part number: 9001866

We made this short video on how the roller wheels fit to a Brompton with no rack

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by David Goodwin
    on 21/09/2019
    How larger is the diameter than the factory fit wheels please. Answer:
    The standard wheels are 45mm - the Eazy Wheels are 60mm - so 15m larger in diameter
  • Asked by a guest
    on 23/03/2021
    The wheels are supplied with a rubber bung - do you just bash it into the bottom end of the seat post? Answer:
    Yes, this just fits in the bottom of the seat post.
  • Asked by Shani
    on 30/06/2021
    Would these fit the 2015 Brompton? Answer:
    These will fit any Brompton frame, so yes will be fine on your 2015 Brompton frame
  • Asked by Alison Burden
    on 29/09/2021
    Are these wheels a larger diameter than the ones fitted to a 2021 Brompton, or are they the same? Answer:
    They are the same, if you want larger wheels you will need the Eazy wheels, link as follows:
  • Asked by a guest
    on 07/03/2022
    How heavy is the pair of wheels? Answer:
    The wheels with the fixings in the packaging is 82g
  • Asked by Andy
    on 28/05/2022
    I have a pre-2016 Brompton and I have read that these wheels are much better than the standard wheels that were fitted at that time. If I replace my existing wheels with these, instead of the more expensive Eazy wheels, will they improve the quality of running when the bike is pulled along while folded? Answer:
    Do you have the old conical roller wheels then yes these will improve the rolling

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Brompton rollers for bike with out a rack - fitting instructions

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