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Brompton main roller wheel



Replacement Brompton main roller (wheel) - single

Discontinued - please click here for replacement

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This Brompton roller wheel was discontinued in 2016 and replaced by the new slimmer wheels which are available as a set of two - see the accessories tab - QROLSET-LE - this is compatible with older bikes.

Note: Discontinued / replaced along with the introduction of 2017 model Bromptons
As standard Brompton now use new rollers - QROLSET-LE (click here), which roll better than the old QROLM wheels and are about equvalent to the half Eazy Wheel set (for Brompton bikes without a rack). These are compatible with all older Brompton models.

The Brompton rear frame / triangle has one of these roller wheels on each side. When the bike is folded these aid in ballancing the bike and allowing it to be rolled across smooth surfaces.

Unfortunately, over time these can deteriorate due to the bashing they sometimes receive! In fact, should your Brompton take a really heavy landing, they are designed to fold / break to avoid damage occurring to the frame (in a similar way to modern car bumpers folding under impact)

The roller wheels are held in place by an Allen key bolt (in earlier versions this was a flat headed screwdriver bolt). Inside the wheel to allow friction free movement is a large washer. Neither of these are included, but they are available under another part code - QROLMBOLT.

Note: New Brompton bikes made in 2016 and onwards have a new design of roller wheel (you can find them here). The new wheels are compatible with older bikes.

Brompton Q part code: QROLM
Brompton part number: 9038046



Smartens up an old bike - but be warned, removing the old ones m

Generally, the older the bike the harder the rollers are to get off. Remember they weren't designed to come off easily and there may be corrosion between the frame and the roller bolt. Squirt some WD-40 in there first and leave to penetrate. Use a well fitting, broad screwdriver that really fits the slot of the screw (on older bikes - newer ones have an allen key head). Put the bike on the stand if you have one so you can really push against the screwdriver, with your chest if necessary, being careful not to let the screwdriver slip off and damage your painwork. I also find a pair of molegrips, clamped to the screwdriver, allows you to turn with more torque whilst you concentrate on pushing against the screw. You are trying not to damage the slot in the screw head as once it gets rounded off the job just gets harder. Worst case I've had to hacksaw the old roller off (no going back now!) and file down the edges of the bolt to allow me to use a spanner to remove it. Sometimes the screw shears off leaving the remains stuck in the frame...More fun.
Yes, they look good once they are on, but the bulk of the work is in removing the old ones

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Brompton main roller wheel

Brompton main roller wheel

Replacement Brompton main roller (wheel) - single

Discontinued - please click here for replacement

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