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Brompton Eazy Wheels with 6mm screws for rear frame (pair)



This is a replacement pair of Brompton Eazy wheels for attaching to the rear frame complete with 6mm screw.

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Brompton Front / New Rack Eazy Wheels - M6

A pair of replacement forward Brompton Eazy Wheels (maybe you lost yours) for fixing to the rear frame complete with seatpost bung

One of our most popular Brompton upgrades!

These Easy wheels are compatible with Brompton folding bikes of all ages including

  • Brompton B75 / A Line
  • Brompton Electric (C Line and P Line)
  • Short Wheelbase (pre-2004) Brompton folding bikes
  • Long Wheelbase (post 2004) Brompton folding bikes (including C Line and P Line)

These are also the Eazy Wheels to fit to a newer (2016 onwards) rack
(The pre 2015 rack used M5 bolts for the rear roller wheels - the newer rack and advanced roller rack use M6 bolts for attaching the rear roller wheels)

Yes - the bung is also included in this kit

This is part of a set which makes up the Eazy Wheel set (included in both the rack and non-rack versions).

Tools required: Flat head screwdriver or Allen key (depending upon the age of your Brompton)

The diameter of the Eazy wheels is approx 6cm in comparison to the standard roller wheels that are approx 5.3cm

This was previously available as a single wheel as Brompton Q part reference: QEZWROLF-6 / Brompton part number: 9038022. From 2017 these are only available as a pair.

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100687
Brompton Q part code: QEZW-M6
Brompton part number: 9003303 
Old EAN code: 5053099038022

For info - these Eazy wheels were discontinued as a factory fit option in September 2015 - when the old conical rollers were discontinued and replaced with the slimmer ones

We made this short video on how to fit the Eazy wheels (no rack version) - as said earlier, this also applies to the Brompton B75

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Ryan
    on 26/11/2018
    Can these be used with pre 2017 Brompton's, with the roller bolts in a pre 2017 Brompton? Answer:
    Hi, Yes these fit to the rear frame where the small roller wheels are (the ones you can sometimes catch your heels on if you are not careful or have big feet!). They fit all Brompton years.
  • Asked by Ev
    on 26/11/2018
    Hi would this fit a 2010 model without a rear rack? Thanks Answer:
    Hi, Yes this would fit a 2010 model without a rear rack - it attaches where you currently have the two small roller wheels on the rear frame.
  • Asked by Bruce Wyer
    on 26/02/2019
    My bike - no rack, no mudguards - was built in November 2014. Will these be an easy fit? Answer:
    Yes - these would fit easily
  • Asked by Tom
    on 25/01/2021
    I already have the Eazy Wheels on the frame of my 2020 H3 but still have the stock wheels on my rack. Would this be the right set to use on the rack? Answer:
    Yes these would be the correct set.
  • Asked by Boo Serrano
    on 13/04/2021
    can i use this on my b75 Answer:
    Yes the Eazy Wheels with 6mm screws are fine for use on the Brompton B75
  • Asked by a guest
    on 03/07/2021
    I have 2018 model with standard wheels. If I want to replace all 4 wheels with eazy wheels which set(s) should I buy? Answer:
    You would need to order 2 x 5mm Eazy wheels for your 2018 Brompton, this will mean you have a spare seat post bung, for if you miss place one, link as follows:
  • Asked by Mark Piotrowski
    on 06/07/2021
    Hi Hannah Are Easy Wheels fitted as standard to new bikes? Kind regards Mark Answer:
    No they are fitted with standard roller wheels, link for reference as follows:
  • Asked by a guest
    on 13/08/2021
    I have a H6R Brompton with the rack. I must have lost a wheel on my journey and need a replacement, would these wheels replace the wheels closest to the seat post? In addition, I want to keep everything symmetrical do you sell the other set of wheels that go on the rack? (Sorry still getting to grips with the Brompton and so far all I know is if I’m not careful one has 6mm dia screws and the other has 5mm dia screws).Thanks Answer:
    It sounds like you have a pre-2017 rack, if so you will need the 5mm screws for the rack, link as follows: and then the 6 mom screw for the Brompton, link as follows:
  • Asked by Nils Nelson
    on 23/08/2021
    Hej Do You have extension for ez wheels, 2020 version rack Answer:
    No sorry we do not have an extension and use the Eazy wheels as they are
  • Asked by Mark
    on 08/10/2021
    My question today is:- Will these fit my new M6R and if so, do I need two sets ie for the frame and rack?Thankyou Answer:
    Yes these will fit the racks post-2016, and yes you will need two sets, so you have a spare seat post bung.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 28/11/2021
    is the easy wheel bigger size than the original wheel. Answer:
    Yes the Eazy wheel's are a larger diameter at approx. 6cm compared to the standard roller wheels at approx 5.3cm, they also have bearings inside so do roll better
  • Asked by Ismael Jalal
    on 11/12/2021
    I'm looking to attach these to a Brompton B75 with a fitted mudguard - would this work ok or would I need QROLSET-LE? Answer:
    Yes these Eazy wheels will be perfect for your B75
  • Asked by a guest
    on 09/01/2022
    Hi,I have a 2017 M6R so could you please confirm that if I purchase 2 sets of these:1. One set can be supplied with the 50mm M6 bolts for the back and the other can be supplied with shorter bolts for the front 2. Are all the washers and bolts included (believe this will require 24 washers) Answer:
    Yes these are the correct wheels for your 2017 M6R as long as the rack is also from post 2016. All washers and bolts to fix are included along with a seat post bung. Yes you will need two packs.
  • Asked by Holly
    on 06/03/2022
    Hi, I have a Brompton 2020 M6L, would this set of wheels fit my frame? Answer:
    Yes these will fit your 2020 Brompton perfectly
  • Asked by Brian Chislett
    on 26/06/2022
    Will the easy wheels fit a 202 L6 Brompton? Thanks Answer:
    Yes these Eazy wheels with 6mm screws will fit a 2020 M6L (mid rise explore)
  • Asked by Humph
    on 01/10/2022
    Is there an eazy wheels option that works with the Brompton new Brompton Electric C Line? Answer:
    Yes, these Eazy wheels will work perfectly with your C Line Electric, link as follows:

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