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Brompton replacement decal - Black



Brompton replacement self-adhesive decal - Black

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Self adhesive Brompton logo / decal sticker in black.

(Note: This is not for bikes with a black frame - you won't be able to see the logo)

This is the new 2016 logo with "BROMPTON" on both sides. It is now in 2 parts, but thanks to a removable adhesive backing is easier to fit.

Tip: Use an alcohol rub to get a good / clean surface preparation
Tip: Don't drop on the floor - it's bound to fall sticky side down and pick up dirt! 

Previously the logo had "BROMPTON / Made in England" on one half and the three part folding sequence on the other.

Brompton Q part code: QDECAL-BK
Old Brompton Q part code (pre-2015): QDECALBK
Brompton part number: 9018185 



Excellent Replacement Decal

The 2 replacement decals have made my Brompton look like a new bike. It is important to plan how to replace the original before starting. With the old decal in place I put a piece of tape alongside the forward vertical edge of the old decal before it was removed so that the replacement would be placed at the correct angle. I then removed the old decal heating it slightly with a heat gun just to soften the backing glue. I then cleaned the bar with mineralised methylated spirit. I removed the new sticker taking care to align the forward edge with the tape. I then worked back along the new decal pressing the centre all the way along then working back from the centre to the edge ensuring there were no air bubbles. Using the seat centre pin hole I marked a centre line so that the decal on the other side would be the same distance from the centre as the new one already in place. I then placed the new decal along the tape edge as I did for the first sticker, ensuring it was the same distance from the centre line as the one in place. Fix as before. When in place rub off the line up marks. The new decals should be the same on both sides in terms of angle and distance from the centre of the bar. Good luck!



    The decal came and it's completely black which looks rubbish on a white frame. Waste of money


      great decal

      Maybe not the easiest thing to stick on, but not that difficult. I ordered it and it was send to me ASAP. Great service

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      Good quality decal, bit fiddly to get it on until you've done a

      It's a shame that the other, earlier decals aren't also available as this one is quite small in comparison. It's also different on each side, unlike the earlier bikes which just said 'Brompton' on both sides. I line it up with the little hole in the frame where the seat post slots in and start to peel back the backing, just half a centimetre at this point. Keeping the decal as close to the frame as I can I work forwards along the centre line of the bike, pulling the backing off under the decal as I go, pressing lightly along the centre line, but leaving the corners unstuck. When I reach the front, the backing is pulled away completely and the sticker is hopefully lying along the centre line. If it's way out you can still lift it up at this stage and reposition. The main thing is to avoid touching the sticky back and getting your fingerprints on it. Now press the centre line down firmly and slowly work outwards on each side to the edges, pressing down firmly as you go to eliminate bubbles or creases. If bubbles do appear you can prick them with a pin and press them out, but normally they aren't a problem. Finish by pressing down the corners, rubbing away from the decal. Good as new!

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      Brompton replacement decal - Black

      Brompton replacement decal - Black

      Brompton replacement self-adhesive decal - Black