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Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35 Brompton tyre



Schwalbe Marathon 16 inch tyre with GreenGuard for Brompton folding bikes

Note: wheel not included

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Brompton Schwalbe Marathon 16 inch tyre

This Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35 inch tyre is one of the three tyres factory fitted as standard on the current Brompton folding bike range (as at 2020). It is an upgrade - slightly tougher - from the default type - the Marathon Racer.

It's slightly narrower (at 1.35 inches) than the original Brompton kevlar (previously known as "green" for it's green label) tyre (which was 1 3/8 inch wide)

This Schwalbe Marathon 16 inch tyre was introduced to the Brompton line as a standard factory fit option in December 2011

This tyre has changed slightly since that 2011 model:

  • The tread pattern changed slightly
  • The previously used Kevlar protection is replaced with GreenGuard - a highly elastic 3mm thick layer of india rubber, designed to increase puncture protection.
  • A new sidewall construction was improved to delay the onset of cracking if the tyre is used while under inflated. 
  • The maximim permissible pressure increased from 6.0 bar (85 PSI) to 7.5 bar (110 PSI)
  • The weight per tyre increased slightly from 350g to 420g
  • The rolling resistance is marginally higher (approx 3%)
  • The size of the tyre decreases from a nominal 37mm cross section to 35mm - this reduces the overall diameter of an inflated tyre by 3mm
  • The old Schwalbe tread pattern was HS368 - the new model is HS420
  • The new model has a reflective print detailing the size - 35-349 / 16 x 1.35 on the tyre wall opposite to the logos.
Note: If you are using the Brompton bottle dynamo which connects with the tyre, please use a standard Brompton tyre rather than this one, as there is a slight size difference which will affect your dynamo's capability to function correctly. (i.e. it won't work properly!)

Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35 inch features / details:

ETRO size: 35-349
Tyre pressure: 65 psi (min) to 110 psi (max) or 4.5 bar (min) to 7.5 bar (max)
Weight: 420g
Tyre bead: Wired
E-bike ready: For pedal assisted electric bikes with speeds up to 25 kmh
Puncture protection rating: 5/7

Inner tube: AV4 (Car type / Schrader valve)
Inner tube: SV4 (Presta / racing type valve)

We always recommend using no tools to fit your new tyre (i.e. hands and fingers only) to your Brompton.
Using tyre levers often results in damage to the inner tube (pinching it when levering on the tyre) or to the tyre bead (trying to force the wire bead over the rim with brute force),
Installing without tyre levers may seem difficult (or impossible) at first - but, honestly,  it's just a matter of technique
Just to prove how easy tyre installation is (with no tools) we made this short video on how to do it - with the even tougher Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre!
In order to replace the tyre / tube you also need to remove the wheel (either front or rear) - the below videos show how it should be done.
Brompton Q part code: QTYRM
Old Brompton Q part code: QTYRMREF
Brompton part number: 9026074
Schwalbe Reference: 11100147



Hard to fit

I was given two of these tyres for my birthday. From their appearance, each seemed to be from a different batch. I tried to put them on using my fingers, as shown in the video. For one, this proved to be impossible, and I had to resort to using tyre levers (taking care not to pinch the inner tube). I managed to put on the other, just using my fingers - the rims seemed to be more pliable.


    Fitted but with a lot of hassle

    I fitted a pair of these and my God was it hard. Can't see how you can do it without tyre levers. If I get a puncture out on the road I think the bike will be folded up and a bus will be caught.

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    marathon plus tyres

    i put these tyres on my bike and found it did`nt fold up the same ie the stem caught on the stopper at the bottom and the front tyre spokes caught on the gears when folded i can get over it but it`s somethink to watch out for i think it`s due to the 1.35

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Very difficult to fit.

    I just spent an hour fitting a Schwalbe Marathon 16in tyre to my Brompton in the comfort of my kitchen. This was my third attempt having wrecked 2 previous tyres in the fitting process. I fitted the tyre without using tyre levers but my hands are sore and I would not want to do this on the road. I use these tyres on my larger wheeled bikes and they are relatively easy to fit if you watch the video. These tyres are very puncture resistant but if I do get a puncture on my Brompton it will be a problem.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Brompton Retyred

    Replaced both tyres as originals were looking a bit 'tyred' after 13 years. Tread pattern is more substantial than the Brompton and seems to give better grip in the wet.
    Good value and very prompt service from Brilliant Bikes. I learned a lot about my Brompton from this site.

    • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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    Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35 Brompton tyre

    Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35 Brompton tyre

    Schwalbe Marathon 16 inch tyre with GreenGuard for Brompton folding bikes

    Note: wheel not included

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      Answered questions

    • Asked by Paula Jenkins
      on 18/04/2019
      My current Brompton purchased in 2014 needs new tyres. The measurement on the old tyres is 16 x 1 3/8. But I cant find these to buy. Please help. If I buy the ones on your website which all appear a different size will they fit the wheel and inner tube I have? Which ones should I buy? Do the tyres come sold as pairs or individually purchased .. Answer:
      Hi, Brompton have moved from 1 3/8 to 1/35 for their standard tyres. Yes they will fit. They come as individual tyres - not as a pair
    • Asked by Graham
      on 13/06/2019
      Have just aquired immaculate 1996 Brompton with six speed hub can I still get parts for it thanks Answer:
      Yes - you can still get many of the parts for it
    • Asked by Katie
      on 27/10/2021
      Will these fit on my 2010 nano Brompton? Answer:
      If you mean a Nano electric Brompton then yes

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