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Brompton 3 or 6 speed rear wheel with wide range Sturmey Archer hub



This is a replacement rear wheel with Brompton / Sturmey Archer 3 speed wide ratio hub gear (as used on 6 speed Bromptons)

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Brompton 3 / 6 speed wide ratio wheel

The Brompton BWR (Brompton Wide Ratio) rear wheel kit contains the following:

  • Sturmey Archer / Brompton wide ratio (BWR) 28 hole rear wheel with double walled rim
  • Rim tape - yellow for double walled rim (QRIMTAPE-DW)
  • Gear indicator chain (QGICH3-SA[2]) for alloy shell hub
  • Fittings (nuts / bolts / washers, QRW3NB-SA)

Colour: Silver (The BWR wheel is now also available in black)

Normally this wheel is used as part of the Brompton 6 speed wide ratio setup using 2 sprockets, but based upon your selection of sprocket set, this wheel can be used as 3 speed or 6 speed

Uses 9 spline Shimano style fitting

(6 Speed also requires that you have a derailleur chain tensioner)

Brompton Q part code: QRW3SS-BWR
Brompton part number: 9025053

28 spokes
Valve hole to suit 8mm Schrader / car type valve 

The Brompton BWR wheel was originally introduced (specially made / licensed for Brompton) by Sturmey Archer in 2008

How do I set up the 6 speed hub gears on my Brompton?

We made this short video on how to set up the Brompton hub gears

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Abdullah
    on 18/11/2018
    Hi, Brompton 3 or 6 speed rear wheel with wide range Sturmey Archer hub (Reference: QRW3SS-BWR) I'd like to know approx weight and dimensions of this item. I would appreciate your reply. Thank you Abdullah Answer:
    Hi The wheel dimensions are: Rim diameter: -36cm / 14.2in. Rim width - outside: 2.3cm. Width at axle (axle length) : 148mm. Weight (approx) - complete with sprockets and nuts / washers: 1.4kg (including some dirt, some internal grease, rim tape and a very worn rim). I hope that is useful - if you want to know more just let us know.
  • Asked by Andy Gibbons
    on 22/02/2019
    If using the BWR hub as a three speed, what are the ratios please? I currently have a 44 chainring and 15 sprocket. Also, does it require an new trigger shifter? Thank you. Answer:
    The six speed (using a 13/16T combination) with reduced gearing (44T) front has the following ratios: 1st 2:32m / 2nd: 2.86m / 3rd: 3.64m / 4th: 4.48m / 5th: 5.71m / 6th: 7.03m. Changing to 3 speed BWR you could choose 13T or 16T (or 12T). 13T would give you equivalent to 2nd, 4th and 6th. 16T would give you equivalent to 1st, 3rd and 5th. The shifter is the same as a standard 3 speed as the pull ratio is the same
  • Asked by alfredo
    on 18/04/2019
    can i use this with my new 6 speed brompton 2019 model. Answer:
    Yes - the 6 speed Brompton uses a 3 speed BWR rear wheel in combination with a 2 speed derailleur to give the six speeds
  • Asked by Charles Ferrar
    on 14/06/2019
    I have a 2007 Brompton S6L. The caged bearings in the SRAM hub have failed so I am interested in options for upgrading from the SRAM hub to the BWR, staying as 6 speed. I note that the upgrade kit is listed on your website as no longer available. Is there an option for me to make this upgrade? Answer:
    Changing to a BWT wheel would be a good option - you could even use the same trigger. The only other thing you should need is the sprockets (it comes with the gear indicator chain with the wheel)
  • Asked by Pedro P Anto
    on 20/06/2019
    Yes. I will be pretending to go on tour to Spain soon to do "El Camino,", around 475 Km.Most of the road has, I think a lot of potholes..My wonder is, how good the wheel of my Brompton will perform in that terrain? Most of the people who do that tour used mountain bike with suspension.Will the Brompton perform adequately? Thank you for your answer. Answer:
    We are always told by Brompton - it's not a mountain bike - so be careful if you try it on a Brompton
  • Asked by James Teape
    on 18/08/2019
    is it possible to have any gearing other than sturmey archer? Answer:
    The only other option is the two speed or one speed (from Brompton) - if you contact Kinetics in Glasgow they also offer a Rolhoff option
  • Asked by John Davidson
    on 23/03/2021
    I have an older m3r with a short wheel base would this be suitable and what other parts would be needed to change it to 6 speed ? Thanks John Answer:
    This wheel is for a Brompton. It takes Brompton sized tyres which are XX-349 ETRTO
  • Asked by Frank Hooper
    on 08/03/2022
    I'd like to replace my standard-ration 3-speed rear wheel with this and the listing indicates this would be possible with the correct sprocket set - what set would I need? Answer:
    Yes this is correct, you will need a QRSPRSTACK-BWR3-13, link as follows: We made a video on changing a 6 speed to a 3 speed that might help, link as follows:

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