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Brompton gear upgrade kit - 6 speed SRAM to 6 speed BWR hub/derailleur View larger

Brompton gear upgrade kit - 6 speed SRAM to 6 speed BWR hub/derailleur



This is a Brompton retro-fit to upgrade your 6 speed SRAM hub / derailleur combination to the Sturmey Archer / Brompton BWR hub gear - giving you a wider range of gears.

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Brompton 3 speed SRAM/Sachs to 6 speed Sturmey Archer upgrade kit

This kit is makes the assumption that your existing cables / triggers / chain are in good condition - if you need to upgrade them, please feel free to contact us.

The rear sprockets supplied with the kit are the same as in the set QRSRPSTACK-BWR6, which is:
13 tooth, 3.1 mm wide
16 tooth, 1.8 mm wide
They have a Shimano spline fitting (as used on the Brompton / Sturmey Archer BWR wheel) 

Wheel nuts are included

A new chain is also supplied (this is a QCCHAIN100DR to fit a 50 tooth front chain ring, if you have 44t then you can either remove 2 links or ask us for a 98 link chain. If you have a 54T chain ring then please ask for a 102 link chain)

A new gear cable anchor is also supplied (as this has a different size thread on the Sturmey Archer compared to the SRAM)

Brompton Q part code: QRETSET36SR->6BWR
Brompton part number: 9040117 

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  • Asked by Simon Walsh
    on 23/11/2018
    Hi, I have a Brompton M3LU/BI(BI(SP6/TYM purchased in 2011 and my back wheel spokes keep breaking and I am fed up of replacing spokes. Can you recommend a back wheel or if better value a 3 speed to 6 speed upgrade kit that would fit the bike inc all parts needed. Also please let me know how much the postage would be to ship to Malta. Also how much would it cost to ship a complete Brompton bike so that I know for the future just in case I decide to purchase a new one and sell this one. Cheers. Answer:
    Hi, the most likely cause for the spokes to keep breaking is tension - normally the rims should wear out first! One other thing that can affect the spokes is the amount of weight being carried on the bike and the condition of the riding - we've never been to Malta so dont know what the roads are like. If you currently have a SRAM / Sachs rear wheel - then this upgrade kit would be the best option - if you select it, then the price to Malta should be calculated at checkout. Regarding shipping to Malta - we can only deliver bikes when accompanied by a fully trained technician - so we could probably persuade our mechanic to do that for the cost of a low-cost flight. If you have more questions / need more detail - feel free to ring the shop and ask for Kirsty

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