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Brompton Superlight Advance Rear Wheel for P Line electric



This is a Black Brompton Superlight Advance Rear Wheel for the P Line electric 

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Black Brompton Superlight Advance Rear Wheel for P Line electric 

This is a the superlight Advance rear wheel as used on the P Line electric Brompton

This wheel was introduced with the P Line electric in early 2022

It has a Brompton BLACK 16 inch / ETRTO 349 bicycle wheel rim, single wall, angle drilled with 28 holes, a 4 speed free hub body, and double butted silver spokes 

This 16 inch rear wheel manufactured by Brompton for the P and T Line bikes and comes with the following:

  • Axle
  • Wheel nuts
  • Tab washer
  • Rim tape (yellow for the double wall rim)
  • Complete with fitting diagram

Tools required for removal:

  • 5mm Allen key 

Removing the rear wheel:

  • Place the bike in the stand, fold the rear end and remove the tension from the chain by disengaging the sprocket from the chain.
  • Use the 5mm Allen key to loosen the skewer, avoid the skewer nut from turning. remove the skewer. 
  • Deflate the tyre and let it pass through the brake calliper

Tools required for fitting: 

  • 5mm Allen key
  • Torque wrench

Fitting the rear wheel:

Ensure it is the correct orientation
Seat the chain on the cassette
Insert the skewer and fit the skewer bolt
Tighten to 7NM using the torque wrench 
re-engage the chain tension 

New for 2022

The Brompton rear wheel is laced in a single cross laced style  

The weight of the wheel is approx 629g

Brompton Q part code: Q103003

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Data sheet

Comm Code87149990
Wheel front / rearRear
Wheel rim colourBlack
Wheel hub colourBlack
Wheel valve typeSchrader / car type