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Muc-Off Bucket Cleaning Kit


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Muc-Off Bucket Cleaning Kit

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Muc-Off Bucket Cleaning Kit

Finally, Muc-off have come up with a kit for cleaning buckets ...
No, hang on - that doesn't sound right
Oh! It's a bucket full of cleaning kit!

The bucket comes complete with the following contents:

  • 1 Litre of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike cleaner - the normal spray on/wash off pink cleaner
  • 500ml spray can of bike protect
  • 400ml spray can of chain cleaner
  • Microcell expanding sponge - in a catching Muc-Off pink colour (comes shrunk wrapped to a size you will never get it back to)
  • Super soft wash brush
  • Wheel and component brush (though we would recommend using a different brush for each - as you don't want grease all over your wheels - so think of it as a wheel or component brush - that can do either)
  • Claw brush - for getting into hose hard to reach drivechain areas
  • 50ml of dry lube - for dry weather riding
  • 50ml of wet lube - for wet weather riding
  • Muc-Off cleaning guide

Once you tip the contents of the bucket out - you can fill it with up to 13 litres of water / Muc-Off mix

It features a handy filter near the bottom - let all the mud / grit sink to the bottom - out of harms way so you don't scratch the paintwork

It has a nice screw top lid, and we found it makes quite a good stool for sitting on / reaching high shelves (though if you are going to stand on it - please take health and safety advice first - as it has been know to tilt if your balance is off - depositing the stander on their backside!)

Oh, and the bucket is tough - made from a tough, durable Co-polymer (whatever that is) plastic

Although at first glance it may appear expensive - this is one of our favourite tools


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Muc-Off Bucket Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off Bucket Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off Bucket Cleaning Kit

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