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Cycle to Work Scheme

The answer is Yes - we do offer bikes under the cycle to work scheme

The government offers a tax incentive to help get more cyclists exercising to and from work. This helps to keep cars off of the road and encourage people to get and stay fitter, and we agree with the old addage that a healthy body equals a healthy mind!

If you are a UK tax payer then your employer can allow you to effectively save tax on up to £1000 towards a bike and accessories.

You choose your bicycle and get a quote.

You take the quote back to your employer and hand it over (normally to the HR or finance department) - if they are not already signed up it's quick and free to do.

A voucher is then generated which you bring to the shop and we give you the bike.

You then pay for the bike over installments - but it is deducted from your wages before tax is paid - so you save at least 25% (or maybe more) if you are a UK taxpayer.

For full details of how this works - check out this link

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Recent examples of our bikes supplied have been:
Marin hybrid with mudguards and lock
Orange M-type Brompton
Black S-type Brompton with mudguards, front carrier block and S bag