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About our team

It all started when we tried ordering some bicycle tools on-line.

Things didn't always go to plan (we hope you are lucky enough to have not had these experiences)

  • Stuff didn't arrive
  • Items took longer to arrive than expected / needed
  • We had to chase several times (why did that make us feel bad) to get our stuff
  • The wrong things arrived
  • Items were discontinued (we think they weren't but that the price on the Internet was wrong)

So we decided that if we could do it better we could help to improve your cycling life and therefore encourage even more people to get on their bikes.

That's why we show the quantity we have in stock and if we have no stock the expected lead time.

That's why we will contact you if there is going to be any problem or delay and offer you options such as a refund if you can't wait.

That's why we post everything (weight limits taken into account - some heavier items or more expensive we need to ship by UPS) first class.

And now we are on the road..... to creating a better place.

And even more recently (a whole year already) - December 2013 - we have opened our first physical shop in the High Street, Chobham.

That means that as well as selling part and accessories online, we can now offer complete bikes from Intense, Marin, Frog and Pashley as well as service, maintenance, upgrades and repair on all types of bikes.

We hope you will join us in creating a better place.

  • Part time stock controller needed
  • Part time media (photos / social) needed
  • Part time picker needed

We really need help!!!