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Enduro Max 7902 bearing kit for Intense Bikes - pack of 4



Intense spare part: Enduro Max 7902 bearing rebuild kit 

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Intense Enduro Max 7902 bearing rebuild kit 

In late 2011 Intense switched to a new lower linkage with different bearings - these Enduro Max 7902. If you are not sure which bearings you have / need to service your frame, then please contact us.

If your Intense frame is one of the ones listed below and uses the cup & cone style main pivot bolts these 7902 bearings are for you.

  • Intense 951
  • Intense Carbine 29 
  • Intense Carbine 275 
  • Intense Carbine SL 
  • Intense M9 FRO (with updated lower box link) 
  • Intense Primer 29
  • Intense Spider 2
  • Intense Spider 275 
  • Intense Spider 29C 
  • Intense Spider 29 
  • Intense Tazer VP 
  • Intense Tracer 2 
  • Intense Tracer 29 
  • Intense Tracer 275 Alloy 
  • Intense Tracer T275 Carbon
  • Intense Tracer 2nd generation carbon (introduced in 2017 as part of the 2018 range)
  • Intense Uzzi VP 
  • Intense Uzzi 275 - introduced in 2016
  • Intense SS2

Enduro Max 7902 bearing size:

  • Inside diameter 15mm
  • Outside diameter 28mm
  • Width 7mm

These bearings are only sealed on one side - the open side is on the inside of the link, and have grease applied by pumping it into the link through the zerk port

If you looked at the Intense Enduro 7001 bearing during your search for the right bike part, you may have seen that starting in 2009 Intense equipped all of their frames with grease ports and Enduro 7001 angular contact bearings in the lower linkage. The 7001 bearings had a significantly improved lifespan over the previous ones, and are very easy to maintain.

In 2019 Intense introduced this bearing rebuild kit, Intense part number: IT340361, which a set of 4 bearings (Intense Part number: 430007). 

Intense used to call this a Lower Bearing Kit for the M9 2009 - 2012

These bearings can be purchased individually here: Enduro Max 7902 Bearing - Single

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    Data sheet

    Comm Code87149190
    Bearing Outside Diameter28mm
    Bearing Inside Diameter15mm
    Bearing Width7mm