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Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle



Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle

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Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle

12 x 148mm boost axle for Orbea bikes

(Although the boost axle is 148mm the axle bolt is actually longer  at 179mm- to take into account the frame etc)

This axle is compatible with the following bikes:

Orbea Occam 2017/2018 (TR and AM) carbon frame
Orbea Occam 2017/2018 (TR and AM) aluminium frame
Orbea Laufey (previously Loki) 2016-2017
Orbea Alma OMR
Orbea Alma OMP
Orbea OIZ 2017/2018
Orbea Wild FS (Electric)
Orbea Wild HT

Note: This is the axle only and doesn't include the rear axle washer - part no: 12320004 - though this is not required for the new 2019 version

Weight: 44g

Tools required:

2019 onwards version (of this part - compatible with older bikes)
6mm Allen key / hex wrench - tighten (2019 black version) to 10Nm, it is written on the axle

The pre-2019 bronze version - Orbea part number 11100055 - uses the same size - 6mm Allen key -  and should be tightened to 20Nm

Grease - the threads should be greased to make future removal easier

If we had a scale of difficulty for fitting 1-10, with 1 being the easiest, this would be about 2 on the scale (it would be 1, but it depends upon how stiff the axle bolt is - this partly depends upon how often it is removed and how well it is greased)


The Orbea description for this part was: EJE DE RUEDA TRASERO ORBEA DE 12x148 
In 2019 Orbea's description is now: Real thru axle orbea boost 12x179x1.25

In 2019 the old bronze coloured axle bolt (Orbea part code 11100055) was replaced with this new bolt through axle bolt in a black colour, it also now recommends to be tightened to 10nm.
The new bolt also replaces Y0000063

Here's a short video on the difference between the 2019 and pre-2019 axle and how it fits


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Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle

Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle

Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle

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  • Asked by Adam Hill
    on 16/07/2019
    Will this fit the rallon r5 m10?? Answer:
  • Asked by Adam Hill
    on 17/07/2019
    can someone please help me i need a rallon r5 m10 rear boost axle, this axle dosent mention the rallon so until i know it fits i cant order it, if someone could please get intouch on 07745536109 and discuss any alternatives that would be great, many thanks Adam Answer:
  • Asked by Alex
    on 10/08/2019
    Good morning,I’d like to know if this axle (Orbea bolt through 12 x 148mm Boost rear axle) will fit my TR H50 2019? Also does the axle come with a locking nut? Many Thanks Alex Answer:

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