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Brooks Proofide - 50g


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Brooks Proofide - 50g

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Brooks Proofide - 50g

Protect your Brooks leather saddle with Brooks Proofide - 50g

Made in Italy



Too big for one saddle.

I know that Proofide should be used seldom and sparingly for maintenance, or when a dry patch appears, so the smaller tin should last the life of a saddle. I have two pairs of all-leather walking boots that have refused to soften, despite using the recommended product, so I’m now using Proofide on them and they have started to yield. The internet has some startling advice on ‘breaking-in’ a Brooks saddle, including the use of motor oil: I’ll stick with Brook’s own product and will follow Brook’s advice on its use.

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    Brooks Proofide - 50g

    Brooks Proofide - 50g

    Brooks Proofide - 50g

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