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Super Patch Kit and Tyre Lever Set - TR-1 - from Park Tool USA


Park Tool

Fix your puncture without glue using the tiny, ultra-portable GP-2 kit and tyre lever set TL-1 from Park Tool combined in one set. Save compared with purchasing the GP-2 and TL-1 sets separately.

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Super Patch Kit and Tyre Lever Set - TR-1 - from Park Tool USA

Brilliant - small and light puncture repair kit. Developed in conjunction with 3M (those other clever people from Minnesota who make post-it notes), a self adhesive inner tube patch which flexes, twists and turns right along with the inner tube.

No messy glue, no bulky packaging.Lightly roughen the tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply patch and it's done!

Six patches with sandpaper in a neat little box and 3 light weight yet strong and durable tyre levers.

How to use:

Remove tyre
Deflate the tyre completely
Insert one lever under bead of tyre, lever back and hook around a spoke
Insert a second lever 3" / 7cm from the first lever, and again hook around a spoke
Insert the third lever 3" / 7cm from the second lever and slide along rim until tyre bead is completely removed

Patch inner tube
Make sure that the tube to be patched is dry!
Clean and lightly sand the area to be patched (with the included sandpaper)
Peel off the protective backing from one of the patches and apply to the inner tube
 Be careful not to touch the adhesive during installation of the patch
Press patch on firmly and thoroughly

Replace tyre
Always try to work the tyre back onto the rim using just your hands
For extremely tight fitting tyres, tyre levers can be used to pry the tyre onto the rim
Insert tyre lever as when removing tyre - taking caution not to pinch the inner tube or damage the tyre wall

Park Tool Reference: TR-1

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