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Brompton extra light 16 inch front wheel



Extra Light Brompton 16" front wheel for your Brompton folding bike - made by Brompton.

Saving 115g on the standard Brompton wheel

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The Brompton extra light wheel has been unavailable for quite a while - but should it's back!

This replacement Brompton front wheel has a hollow axle and is secured using an allen bolt (included). The wheel weighs in (according to our scales) at 535g, giving you a saving of 115g over the standard Brompton wheel - perfect for those wanting to lose a bit of weight.

Rim tape and axle fittings are also included.

Please note: Picture shows the pre-2013 wheel.

Brompton Q part code: QFWSS-SL
Brompton old Q part code (pre 2015): QFWSS-XL
Brompton part number: 9025015

Note: The hub has distinct left and right hand sides. This is because the axle protrudes  by a different amount on each side to accommodate the mudguard stay.

It is essential that the wheel is fitted the correct way round.

If not fitted the correct way round, the wheel may not be properly secured and may come loose.

To help you with installation the older hub was colour coded with the left side of the hub having a red axle cap. In addition the axle stubs are marked "L" and "R". (That is left and right as you are sitting on the bike facing forwards)

To fit, use the same tab-washers as on the old wheel (note: on some P-type Bromptons, there is a special RH tab washer), but discard (maybe keep for the future?) any plain M8 washers.

Insert the allen bolt through the front axle spacer bush and tab washer, and into the axle from the right hand side. Make sure that the left hand tab washer and wire-form are in place, and screw in the left hand nut and tighten.

These instructions, along with diagram are also supplied with the wheel

Here is a very short video showing how to remove the Brompton superlight / extra light front wheel

and here's a video showing how to remove and re-install a Brompton front wheel


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Brompton extra light 16 inch front wheel

Brompton extra light 16 inch front wheel

Extra Light Brompton 16" front wheel for your Brompton folding bike - made by Brompton.

Saving 115g on the standard Brompton wheel

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by a guest
    on 28/01/2019
    What is the maximum thickness of the hub? I am looking to buy a wheel for a project I'm working on, but the hub must be less then 7cm wide to fit into the forks? Also the maximum diameter of the wheel is 16" with the tyre on it? Answer:
  • Asked by fernando
    on 30/03/2019
    Hi. Is this wheel double-walled? Thank you Answer:
    Yes - this is the double wall rim version of the wheel
  • Asked by Ravi Juneja
    on 01/04/2021
    Is this the same spec as fitted to Superlights? Thanks Answer:
    Yes the extra light 16 inch front wheel is the same specification as fitted to the superlight Brompton
  • Asked by Stuart
    on 10/04/2021
    Hi. Do these run loose bearings or cartridge sealed bearings? Thanks. Answer:
    They use sealed cartridge bearings on the extra light front wheel
  • Asked by Andy Tan
    on 25/07/2021
    Is this same as 2019,2020 use on superlight model Answer:
    Yes, this is the same as used on the superlight - sorry the product picture needs to be updated

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