Have fun. Discover how your bike works by taking it apart, then putting it back together. Using the right tools will make that easier!

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  • Allen keys

    Allen keys, or if you prefer .... Hex wrenches.

  • Bottom Bracket tools
    Bottom bracket tools
  • Brake tools

    Brake tools

    A selection of tools (from Park Tool) for adjusting / maintaining your bicycles brakes

  • Chain tools

    Chain tools are used to help remove, install or repair your bikes chain - either in the workshop or out on the road / trail.

  • Crank tools

    Crank tools

    Cranks connect the pedals to the drive chain, they have a lot of force put through them

    When the time comes to remove them (for bottom bracket / chainring replacement for example) you could find that they are very stiff

    Our selection of crank tools will allow you to remove the cranks without damaging the bike or cranks

  • Frame and fork tools
    Frame and fork tools
  • Freewheel and cassette...

    Tools for your freewheel / cassette

  • General tools

    General tools for bicycle maintenance and repair

  • Headset tools

    Headset tools

    Toos for the installation and removal of bicycle headsets

  • Hub and axle tools
    Hub and axle tools from Park Tool - the world leader in bicycle maintenance and repair
  • Pedal tools

    Pedal tools

    Pedal tools are designed specifically for removal and installation of pedals - they are 15mm thin spanners

    Why a specific tool for pedal removing and installing pedals?

    Pedal threads (generally) are different on the left and right side of the bike:

    The drive side pedal (right hand as you sit on the bike) does up in the normal tightening direction - turning to the right (clockwise or righty tighty) to tighten

    The non-drive side pedal (left hand as you sit on the bike) does up in the opposite way around - turning to the left (anti-clockwise) to loosen

    This design is so that as you pedal, the pedals can self-tighten rather than come unscrewed (if they are not done up tight enough they will still loosen and fall off!)

    Get on with it ... why does this mean a special pedal tool is required

    Firstly - pedals can be very tight (and they can corrode or rust on with time - especially if grease is not applied when installing) and pedal spanners tend to have longer handles than a standard spanner

    Secondly - pedals that use a 15mm spanner for tightening only have a thin gap for tightening (so your normal large adjustable spanner won't fit), and a small cone spanner - though looking appealing - may break under the heavy load required to loosen the pedal

    Note: more and more pedals are using allen keys for fitting / removing pedals - from the back of the crank

  • Pumps

    Ever since Mr Dunlop came up with the pneumatic tyre, it's become a fact of life - tyres (including bicycle tyres) need air!

    But don't you just hate it when you just want to get on your bike for a ride, only to discover the tyres need some more air and that your pump is just slightly better than useless?

    Our selection of pumps will allow you to inflate with reliable ease - we have 3 types:

    • Track / Floor pumps
    • Mini pumps
    • Shock pumps

    Track / Floor Pumps

    We recommend using a track pump where possible for quicker / easier and more accurate pressure. We have found that running tyres underinflated is one of the most common causes of punctures and tyre wear. Simply testing with your fingers (especially on a hard tyre such as the marathon plus) often gives a false sense that the tyre is inflated enough.

    Mini Pumps

    Designed to ride along with - either attached to the bike or carried along in a pack. These are really for emergency use only

    Shock Pumps

    For pumping up suspension shocks and forks - these operate at a higher pressure than track pumps or mini pumps and generally only work with a Schrader valve

  • Tool Kits

    a good, quality tool kit will make life easier when maintaining or repairing your bike, whether in the workshop our out on the trail / road.

  • Torque wrenches

    Torque wrenches and accessories - perfect for making sure everything is done up to the manufacturers specifications.

    For modern bicycle components to function at their optimum they should be tightened to the manufacturers specification (normally measured in NM - Newton metres)

    Getting the correct torque when fitting components has become more important with lighter alloys and carbon used in componentry which means over--tightening can cause damage.

  • Tyre and inner tube tools

    Inner tube and tyre tools.

  • Wheel and spoke tools
    Wheel and spoke tools
  • Workstands

    Repairing your bike is a whole lot easier when it is clamped in a repair stand.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 378 items